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Women in shock after only just learning why men have to ‘shake it out’ after going for a wee

Women in shock after only just learning why men have to ‘shake it out’ after going for a wee

The human body is packed full of astonishing and wonderful facts

Women have been shocked to discover something about the male body that blokes would consider pretty normal.

Everyone who's ever made it far enough in life to be capable of reading these words has had a wee, and if you're a man then you've definitely had to 'shake it out' at various points in your life.

"It feels like I'm all done, but the second I put it away I know there'll be more dripping out."
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The tap might have been turned off but there's still going to be a few dribbles of liquid left in and around the pipe that would be better deposited in the toilet rather than cling to your ding-a-ling like a damp parasite.

Even worse is if you finish attending to your business and your tool is brought back behind the safe covering of the trouser, only for those last few drops to dribble out and leave the end of your sausage damp trapped against a damp spot in the cloth cage that is underwear.

That's why it's always safer to shake it out and make sure it's all gone before packing up your trip to the toilet.

A bunch of women are learning this for the first time thanks to a Reddit thread which asked that vital question: "What biological fact about the other sex did you not know until quite recently?"

It turns out that one of the most popular answers to this query was the knowledge that 'guys control their urethra from the base of the penis' and 'not the tip' as they might have expected.

That's right ladies, the menfolk are not pinching their tips between thumb and forefinger for precise control of the pee stream.

You're just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it out, shake it out.
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Biologically speaking, the urethra is shorter on a female body than it is on a male one as for women it's about three to four cm and runs from their bladder to open in front of the vagina.

In the male body the urethra is around 20 cm and goes through the prostate to the tip of the penis, but the control is at the base.

Naturally this information came as quite a shock to women who were learning it for the first time as some declared their ages in disbelief at making it this far in life without learning this biological fact.

However, quite a lot of men learning this fact about their own bodies for the first time were also extremely shook, rather like their penis after having a wee.

Think about it fellas, if you're having a pee and for some reason want to hold it in and stop the stream you control that from the base of your dingle-dongle, not the tip.

Several shared the top tip that blokes wanting to make sure the hose is empty before putting it away should push on the perineum, which in layman's terms is the bit between your bits and your bumhole.

This will help... dislodge any liquid still left in the pipe which is just waiting for you to put your thing away before staining your undies.

Every day you learn something new is a day well spent, so you're welcome.

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