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Woman claims she was fired from her job for being too good at it

Woman claims she was fired from her job for being too good at it

She said she'd worked hard and done a good job - but because of this, she got fired

A woman has claimed she was fired for being too good at her job.

It seems to be a growing trend that when you get fired the results get posted to TikTok, perhaps in the hopes of increasing transparency about what happened.

You might remember the woman who recorded herself getting fired over a video call as she argued her case and said she had been performing well in her job.

Imagine getting your marching orders from a job because you were too good at it.
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Others have been posting the reason they got fired, including someone who got the sack because her workplace was monitoring the number of keystrokes she was making when she worked from home.

Now, someone has said she got sacked for being too good at her job, as TikToker Mariela recently posted that she had suddenly found herself without employment.

In a video posted on the platform which has since picked up thousands of views she told her side of the story.

She said: "I was fired from my job yesterday, one of the reasons why is because I'm too efficient.

"Yesterday my boss was in our morning meeting telling me that he's gonna set up meetings with the director of sales to talk about the events that we have coming up.

"If we need to close, if they need a graphic, blah, blah, blah. You know, the corporate talk.

"I say 'oh hey, I've already done that work'. I logged into the website they use to track events and I saw we're closing in April and I've already put that project in our project management software.

"I've already done all this work and it did not require to set up bi-weekly meetings, so yeah I got fired because I am f**king good."

Responding to viewer's questions she said there was 'more to the story' and claimed that in June 'my boss decided that I became a threat'.

She claimed that her boss was 'rendered useless' because she no longer needed to be told what to do, and what is a boss to do if not boss people around?

Some wondered if she'd been sacked for making her boss look bad by working too hard.
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Mariela then alleged that her boss was often a no-show and she ended up 'doing his job because he wasn't there'.

Another commenter suggested that she got fired 'bc you talk too much', which led to the TikToker posting another response where she admitted she does talk a lot 'but not as much as my boss'.

Others suggested that in her next job she keep working hard but pretend that she was being successfully managed by her boss.

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