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Woman makes nearly £500 a month renting out the other side of her bed to strangers

Woman makes nearly £500 a month renting out the other side of her bed to strangers

She says it's a great side hustle once you detach from the idea that you don't know the person sleeping next to you.

A woman has revealed how she makes hundreds of dollars a month, but it's certainly not a side hustle for everyone.

Monique Jeremiah decided to get into 'hot bedding' to get some more cash on the side of her regular job.

Hot bedding, for the uninitiated, is where you rent out the other side of your bed to whoever needs it.

While some people might be horrified at the concept of being in bed next to a stranger, the 36-year-old from Australia says it's actually fine when you don't think about it too much.

She's managed to pull in £500 (AUD$985) a month, so there's definitely money to be made.

"Hot bedding is excellent for people who are able to detach emotionally and sleep next to another person in a completely respectful and non-strings-attached manner.

"It is the perfect situation, especially if you are a sapiosexual, like myself, and you prefer companionship over the physical.

"It takes two people who respect each other’s space, values, and boundaries to do hot bedding.

"It is just like sharing a room with two beds; however, you only sleep in the same bed together, so you definitely want a big bed and lots of space in the room to make it worthwhile.

"Being an entrepreneur is already a lonely journey as you build a company, so why sleep alone when you can sleep with a companion, with someone with the same discipline and drive, while making money in your sleep?"

Monique says she became single at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 'thriving' business of an international education agency and student accommodation collapsed as a result of the virus.


She also found her teaching career had become suddenly unfulfilling as classes went online to ensure social distancing.

"My life was literally imploding beyond my control," she said.

"I knew my only option was to innovate and think outside the box, and that’s how I decided to do hot bedding.

"In a moment’s thought, I swallowed my pride, contacted my ex-partner, whom I hadn’t spoken to in a year, and said to him, 'Do you want to survive COVID together?' and to my surprise, he said yes.

"I have rented to my previous partner now twice. He will be sleeping with me again soon.

"I will be raising the hot bedding rate to £127 a week when he returns as the cost of living has gone up significantly in Australia and my room is still a beautiful, comfortable room, the size of a five-star hotel suite."

She says the side hustle has allowed her to start her own business

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