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Wickes Responds After Woman Finds 'Poo' In Display Toilet

Wickes Responds After Woman Finds 'Poo' In Display Toilet

She was 'shocked' to find that someone had REALLY given the bog a good try


Wickes has responded after a customer found what appeared to be a poo in a display toilet. Watch here:

Joy Ejara, from Erith, south east London, popped into her local branch of the DIY store last week to pick up a new toilet seat.

But about 10 minutes into her browsing she noticed that someone had tested out one of the display bogs far too thoroughly.

"I was shocked," the 31-year-old said.

Yep, it appeared someone had made full use of the toilet, completely destroying its functionality as a display toilet.

Joy backed away from the scene of the crime and left the store before sharing the grim encounter with her TikTok followers.

Joy was given a fright by the public s***e.
Jam Press

She said: "So I popped into my local Wickes to get a new toilet seat because the one I have at home is broken.

"Please explain what this is? What the f**k is going on here?"

The video has been viewed more than 41,000 times, and people seem to have a pretty good idea of what the f**k had gone on there - though it's difficult to comprehend how it happened.

One person commented: "I can’t even imagine the context in which this would have occurred."

Another said: "That was one dutty bungle, not even toilet paper."

A third wrote: "Just testing out how comfortable the seat is. Must have been real comfy boy."

Others also took the opportunity to share similar experiences - because apparently this kind of thing happens all the time.

One person commented: "I had this experience when I was a kid, a full log in a Wickes shop floor toilet, traumatising, I have never recovered."

Another wrote: "I used to work for Wickes and this kind of behaviour ain't unusual. Too grim."

What a pleasant display.
Jam Press

A third added: "Yeah I worked in B&Q and this happened all the time. All the time. There was a fully functioning customer toilet in the store."

Why people? Why?

Desperate to retain some faith in humanity, most wishfully hoped that the culprit was a child who didn't know any better.

One person commented: "I bet you any money that’s someone’s kid who’s done that who was too scared to tell their parents."

Another said: "A child, lord let it be a child."

Whoever the culprit, Wickes has now cleared up their mess.

A spokesperson said: "We are sorry to learn of this customer's experience and would like to apologise for any distress it may have caused.

"We can confirm that as soon as the store discovered the incident it was taken care of immediately and the bathroom display was appropriately sanitised."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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