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Woman ‘mortified’ after dad spots X-rated detail in holiday picture

Woman ‘mortified’ after dad spots X-rated detail in holiday picture

Always check what's in the picture before you post it

A woman and her partner were left 'mortified' after she shared their holiday pictures with the family on WhatsApp and her dad spotted a very embarrassing detail.

If you're going on holiday it's pretty standard to take lots of pictures and generally get evidence of the good time you had to show off to friends and family.

However, sometimes you can let people know a little too much about just how good of a time you had while you were away.

That's what happened to Kelsey, who shared on social media a WhatsApp exchange with her mum after sending her parents a picture of herself and partner Elliot, only to realise her mistake when her mum responded.

While the image is a pretty standard hotel selfie of the two of them in their room snapping a shot of themselves in front of the mirror, it's what else was in the room that put the proverbial cat among the pigeons.

What's up with this photo, can you tell?

If you're struggling to spot it, look right a the bottom of the picture and see if you can spot the offending item.

Did you pick out the orange bottle on the table?

If so then you're absolutely right, that's the culprit here and it's a bottle of Durex lube to be used for something I'm certain you can correctly guess.

What people want to get up to is their business as long as it's all safe and consensual, it's just that when you accidentally leave it in a picture you sent to your family and your mum and dad then start talking to you about it things get uncomfortably weird.

Luckily her mum saw the funny side after telling Kelsey it was a 'nice durex bottle', and what really is the point of having children if you can't embarrass them as often as possible?

'Nice Durex bottle', pretty much the worst thing your dad could say to you.

While Kelsey initially tried to pass it off as her boyfriend's 'knee cream' her parents were having none of it, and her dad 'zoomed in' for a closer look to make sure the bottle was exactly what he thought it had been.

Although she could sort of see the funny side she and her boyfriend were 'mortified' to have been caught out by her parents.

It's certainly one way to ensure that you have a holiday so special you don't ever want to go home, though in this case it's because when you next see your parents no matter how innocuous the conversation seems they'll know, and you'll know they know.

Featured Image Credit: X/_k3lsxo

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