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What is Adam Levine's net worth?

What is Adam Levine's net worth?

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has written many huge songs, but how much is he worth?

As the frontman of Maroon 5, Adam Levine is used to selling out concerts and clocking up hit singles.

Levine has had an incredibly successful career and has a beautiful family, but has recently been caught up in a scandal with allegations and rumours about cheating.

With millions of concert tickets and albums sold, how much is Adam Levine worth?

What is Adam Levine's net worth?

Prepare yourself for this one - the Moves Like Jagger crooner is reportedly worth a massive $160 million.

Who wants to write a song?

As well as singing in Maroon 5, he has also boosted his bank balance with a judging role on The Voice alongside the likes of judges including Christina Aguilera, Usher and Shakira.

It has been reported that Levine was paid a whopping $8-12 million per series for sitting on the judging panel.

He retired from the show back in 2019.

Adam initially joined a band called Kara's Flowers which had a song featured in Beverly Hills 90210, but they broke up after they were dropped by Reprise Records.

After moving to New York, the band decided to reform with some changes.

While the band were still working on songs, Levine was working as a writer's assistant on a TV show called Judging Amy.

He spent his time writing songs and poems about an ex-girlfriend called Jane, which ended up being the band's hit album Songs About Jane in 2002.

It went triple platinum, selling more than 10 million copies.

They went on to win multiple Grammy awards, and have gone on to sell more than 30 million copies worldwide.

The band have released six studio albums to date, and 30 singles and continue to sell out arenas with their tours.

As well as singing, he has also had several acting roles including a recurrent character in American Horror Story: Asylum, and a role in the musical romance Begin Again.

He also runs his own production company, 222 Productions, and a record label, 222 Records.

In 2014 he married Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, and together they have bought and sold numerous properties.

He paid $34 million in 2018 for a house in Beverly Hills, and then spent $7 million doing the house up.

They then sold it for $47.5 million, making $5 million profit in a year.

He also sold a mansion to John Mayer for $13.5 million.

The couple also spent $32 million buying a house previously owned by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Three years later they listed it for $57.5 million - $25 million more than they paid!

In Montecito they paid $22.7 million, only to sell it just three months later for $28.5 million.

That's nearly $6 million in profit, after owning it for just 90 days.

Maybe he should quit music and host a DIY show instead.

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