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Porn stars open up on why they got into the industry and it's not all about money

Porn stars open up on why they got into the industry and it's not all about money

Some people just love doing the do

Porn stars have opened up about why they got into the industry and it's not all about money.

Don't get us wrong - the adult entertainment business is the same as any career choice. There are some who are probably just in it for the bag.

But, as is shown in a WoodRocket video, which has been doing the rounds online after it was initially posted five years ago, there are multiple reasons why people get into it.

For instance, Georgia Jones, now 34, said she's just one of those people who were 'born to be naked on camera'.

Hey, naturists do it, so why not make some money from it?

Meanwhile, Bliss Dulce, also 34, said: "I wish I had a better answer for that but I was just sl*tty."

Again, you can't really argue with that. Imagine getting paid for doing something you love.

Similarly, 33-year-old Riley Ray said that she was a 'sl*t hobbyist' and so she decided to go 'sl*t professional'.

"I spent all my off time from my job on weekends going to swinger parties, arranging to be gang banged, and I was really just living for the weekend," she explained.

"And I thought, 'How can I make this weekend my living?' And it turns out the answer was porn."

Alana Evans, 46, was also a swinger and she 'loves sex', and so that's what sucked her in. In her own words, it was all about 'the d**k'.

As you can see, there are plenty of porn stars who got into the industry because of their love for sex, with a number of others in the video giving a variant of this answer.

Star Nine enjoys fetish porn.
Wood Rocket/YouTube

Star Nine, 39, said she had always been 'intrigued' by the porn industry, but she just needed to find her niche - which it turns out was fetish porn.

Although the video is female heavy, there is one male actor - 38-year-old Chad Alva - who joins the group to answer the question.

When asked why he got into the industry, he said: "I was always a little porn freak, I was always watching it, and after a few years I just had this weird feeling and urge.

"Like, 'Why doesn't anyone else in this town want to do porn when they grow up?'"

Of course, there were a fair few people whose main motivation was money, including 25-year-old Aubrey Sinclair.

In the clip, she explains that she had just turned 18 and totalled her car. A friend of hers who was a cam model told her about how she could earn the money to get a new one through camming.

Aubrey Sinclair started out needing the money for a new car.
Wood Rocket/YouTube

When she realised how much money was in it, she stuck with the job and eventually moved into the porn world alongside her boyfriend.

Cassandra Cain, meanwhile, simply replied: "Money."

It takes all sorts to make a world, and it seems the same saying can be applied to planet porn.

Featured Image Credit: Wood Rocket/YouTube

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