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Adult Star Says Fake Taxi Gets Stopped By Passers-By Who Can See Inside

Adult Star Says Fake Taxi Gets Stopped By Passers-By Who Can See Inside

She said people approach the vehicle 'all the time'

Adult star Sophie Anderson has revealed that members of the public spot and approach the infamous Fake Taxi cab ‘all the time’. 

Sophie recently appeared as a guest on The Fellas podcast, where she lifted the lid on what it's like to work in the industry and what her time was like working with Fake Taxi. 

Sophie, who has made five appearances on Fake Taxi, said it was a ‘good little way in’ to the industry before spilling some secrets about what the filming experience is really like.

Sophie Anderson.
The Fellas/YouTube

When asked if the taxi gets stopped by people ‘all the time’, she replied: “Absolutely. Stopped all the time.”

And if you ever assumed the taxi had special blacked out windows, then Sophie has news for you because she confirmed the windows work ‘both ways’ - but rather than be put off by the fact that any Tom, Dick or Harry might be peering in, Sophie said she ‘loves it’, because of the risk. 

She then revealed an occasion while working on Fake Agent when she was spotted having sex in a field by some hikers who went and just let out a cheery ‘hello’. 

Earlier this year, an actual Fake Taxi was spotted for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The black cab had been decked out with the Fake Taxi livery and look just like the real thing… or so I’m told. 

The cab was listed in Gunnislake, Cornwall, in February for £1,200, and the owner even said she's used it as a 'general family car' but was deciding to flog it. 

The ad read: "London Taxi LTI ‘Fake Taxi’ livery. 2.4 turbo diesel transit engine. 200k miles. Had a full respray in metallic black in October 2021.

"With working taxi light and meter!! Comes with the disabled entry ramp too!

The Fake Taxi was being sold on Facebook.

"The interior speakers/ lights etc all work from rear and from the front console!

"We bought this to do up as a summer ball request so it has served its purpose, and it was the talk of the evening! We've also used it as our general family car!"

The seller initially placed it for sale at £1,200 but also said she was open to the idea of a raffle if it got enough interest. 

And it certainly got a lot of interest, but perhaps not that kind that results in sales. 

One person wrote: "Does it c** complete with big d**k John the driver?" while another asked: "What's the condition of the back seats? Asking for a friend."

Featured Image Credit: The Fellas/YouTube

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