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Akon explains why having multiple wives makes 'life better'

Akon explains why having multiple wives makes 'life better'

Akon has revealed why he chooses to have more than one wife using an interesting analogy.

Akon has revealed why he chooses to have more than one wife, using an interesting analogy.

The R&B singer and record producer - full name Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam - has received multiple Grammy Award nominations, has had multiple Billboard Hot 100 top ten hits and clearly one of something is never enough for him, as he also has multiple wives.

While many of us may find it difficult to even have a conversation with a single partner in between rushing to and from work, making food and falling straight to sleep after long and tiring days, in an interview with American radio host Big Boy, Akon revealed how having more than one wife is actually easier for him.

When questioned as to just how many wives he does actually have, Akon joked he likes to 'leave it to speculation'.

"I like that people guess," the 49-year-old teased.

However, after Big Boy quickly rephrased the question, Akon confirmed he has more wives than the presenter - who has a grand total of one.

Akon views it as 'a lot more' to just have one wife.
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Despite how the idea of having to emotionally and physically commit and dedicate even more of your precious time to more than one partner seems like a lot more hard work to some of us, Akon views it as an easier and better choice.

He explained to Big Boy: "See your life is difficult because you have to focus on one thing all the time. It's difficult. It's a lot more.

"[...] Put it this way. I would hate to put an analogy this way because I don't want it to be taken differently. [...]

"Let's say, hypothetically, you've got four Ferraris, different colours, everyday you dress your outfit you know which one to pull in, right it makes it easier. Now when you only have red one, then you're like damn how am I going to look in this one tomorrow, and next week.

"Everyday is a concentration of how, you can't wear the same outfit everyday."

However, Big Boy - like me - wasn't convinced, resolving Akon's analogy makes 'no f**king sense' to him at all.

"Big Boy you don't want it to make sense," Akon joked.

The R&B singer then changed the analogy to revolve around hoodies.

Although, Big Boy again pointed out the time and 'attention' which has to be shared across each 'hoody'.

I can barely look after four hoodies properly as it is, let alone the idea of having four husbands or wives.

Featured Image Credit: Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo

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