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Antiques Roadshow guest gutted after learning how much Banksy artwork he ripped off wall was worth

Callum Jones

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If you're a regular watcher of Antiques Roadshow, you'll know that a lot of hopeful guests come in thinking their piece of history is worth a mega-fortune.

But as you sometimes find, these guests end up leaving rather disappointed when they find out their possession is not worth much at all.

And in October 2020, one guest of the BBC show was left gutted after being told what the Banksy artwork he ripped off a wall was worth.

The bloke appeared with what he said was a genuine Banksy he had taken from a wall in Brighton.


The man explained to the antique expert that he lived in Brighton in the late 90s to early 2000s and had come across the piece while out and about.

The man claimed it to be genuine Banksy artwork. Credit: BBC
The man claimed it to be genuine Banksy artwork. Credit: BBC

He went on to say the piece was 'loose' and came off in his hands, adding that he has always believed it to be a legit Banksy - whose artwork can sell for millions.

He said: "I used to live in Brighton in the late '90s, early 2000s, and I was walking along the Brighton seafront when I saw it on the Lido.


"It looked loose, I went over, pulled it off basically."

Antiques Roadshow expert Rupert Maas then asked what proof the guest had to show the artwork was definitely a Banksy original.

"I know what it is, I know what year it was, it was around 2004," the man replied.

"I'm basically just trying to get a valuation of it."


Claiming he believed the piece was a legitimate Banksy, saying 'Brighton was hit quite a bit by Banksy when he was down there around that time', he added that he'd previously attempted to get a certificate of authenticity but had been unsuccessful.

Maas explained that the history of the artwork was slightly problematic, warning the guest that Banksy is very 'careful about his brand'.

The guest was left rather gutted by the whole situation. Credit: BBC
The guest was left rather gutted by the whole situation. Credit: BBC

Maas said: "I think the message is, if you do see a piece of graffiti art out there, leave it for the public.


"I'm not lecturing you, I'm just saying, but without that certificate, it's just very difficult to sell.

"With it, it might be worth £20,000. Without it, you're nowhere. I'm sorry."

Viewers on social media seemed pretty unsympathetic to the man's dilemma, with one tweeting: "Serves you right."

Another person wrote: "Loving the guy on the Antiques Roadshow getting his a*** handed to him by the expert, after asking for a valuation for a Banksy he nicked off a wall!"


A third added: "Really enjoyed the Antiques Roadshow expert telling the chump who yanked a Banksy off a lido that he should have left it there + that it's consequently not worth anything now."

As he will now not make any money for it, some have suggested he should return the artwork to Brighton for all to enjoy.

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Callum Jones
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