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Beef’s Ali Wong breaks down what ‘shameful’ sex scene means in hit Netflix series

Beef’s Ali Wong breaks down what ‘shameful’ sex scene means in hit Netflix series

Ali Wong has spoken about Beef's shocking sex scenes, insisting they show how 'hidden' her character is in the Netflix drama

Beef star Ali Wong has opened up about the show’s 'shameful' sex scenes and what they mean for her character in a recent interview.

The 10-part series was released on Netflix last week and viewers have already been shocked by some of the drama’s, um, adult moments – including a character masturbating with a gun.

However, star of the show Ali Wong has said the NSFW scenes are not gratuitous - but actually reveal more about the main character, Amy Lau.

The Netflix series focuses on two strangers, Amy Lau (Wong) and Danny Cho (Steven Yeun), who become obsessed with each other following a road rage incident.

As their grudge continues to deepen, they plot their revenge and their lives slowly begin to fall apart in spectacular fashion.

If that weren’t enough, Amy also struggles to deal with her repressed emotions and her resentment towards her husband George Nakai (Joseph Lee).

Wong says it’s this shame that pushes her character to act out and have an affair with a much older man - along with many other wild sex acts.

Amy has an unusual kink for guns in new Netflix series Beef.

The actor and comedian told Digital Spy: "It’s just that Amy has a lot of shame about… When she says in the finale, 'I don’t want anybody to see me' – you know, so many people desperately want to be seen, and she’s like, 'Oh, no, I really don’t want people to see me'."

Wong continued, stating that Amy wants to remain so hidden that she will never acknowledge what happened – not even to herself.

Talking about some of the show’s graphic sex scenes, Wong even joked that her character ‘wouldn’t even tell a best friend’ or ‘write even in a journal’.

This is because Amy is so terrified of people seeing how she’s struggling to cope, with her obsessive grudge filling a void in her life: “That’s why she has the blanket over her head.”

The series begins with a brutal road rage incident.

Ironically, her nemesis Danny is going through a very similar sense of turmoil – not that they’d ever admit that to each other.

Wong even suggested that her character hides behind her clothing, saying: "Amy would never wear something like this. Her wearing all of those creams and neutrals and whites, she’s hiding. That’s all part of it."

Speaking about her character’s unwillingness to be seen, Wong admitted that she didn’t feel it was ‘problematic’.

Instead, she argued: "I would just say it is what it is. But for her, she doesn’t feel comfortable with anybody seeing it, you know?"

Beef is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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