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Gogglebox viewers disturbed as ‘woman has sex with gun’ in bizarre new Netflix scene

Gogglebox viewers disturbed as ‘woman has sex with gun’ in bizarre new Netflix scene

To each their own, I guess?

If you're signing up to join a show like Gogglebox, you had better be prepared to watch some pretty bonkers telly.

For example, this Good Friday, the cast were left at a total loss for words when they tuned in to an episode of Netflix's new comedy-drama series Beef, starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun.

The most shocking moment came when Ali Wong's character Amy used a gun to, well, pleasure herself.

The bizarre sequence sees Amy retrieve the gun from husband George's safe.

But rather than use it for protection, Amy opts to put the gun between her legs and use the weapon to pleasure herself.

While watching the shocking scene unfold, the Gogglebox crew were glued to their TV screens, hardly able to look away.

"This doesn't look good... she's locked and loaded and he's on his way round," noted Sophie Sandiford from her home in Blackpool.

"She's making out with the gun! She's putting it near her noona," exclaimed horrified best friends Daniella and Danielle.

"She's having sex with a gun, Ron!" a flabbergasted Annie told her husband Ronnie.

And, to be honest, viewers watching from home were just as speechless.

Amy has an unusual kink for guns in new Netflix series Beef.

Some fans took to Twitter to join in on the discussion.

"Something I never thought iI'd see. Someone getting off to a gun," tweeted one viewer.

"I know Americans love their guns but thats a bit too far," joked a second.


"OMDS That is disgusting having sex with the gun?!" asked a third baffled fan.

"Crazy woman. Having sex with a gun," wrote a fourth.

Fans who have tuned in to the new hit A24 series will know that Amy seems to have a history of using guns for her own sexual pleasure, which seems to be why her husband George had it locked away in a safe in the first place.

As well as trying to spice up her 'vanilla' sex life, Amy seems to get off on guns because she seeks power and control.

That would explain why Amy gets so wrapped up in the main event of the TV series - a minor road rage incident with Steven Yeun's Danny, that erupts into a full blown car chase.

Ali Wong and Steven Yeun star in Beef.

The incident prompts both Amy and Danny to take increasingly drastic measures to try and dismantle each other's lives, getting a sort of sick pleasure out of their petty revenge tactics.

And if Amy was already using guns to get off in episode one, you can only imagine how much it escalates from there...

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Channel 4

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