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What are beige flags in dating?

Jen Thomas

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What are beige flags in dating?

As if dating wasn’t hard enough already, we now have another relationship trend to be paranoid about.

Chances are you’ve heard about red flags: the dating dealbreakers and warning signs. Pink flags are minor issues, that if left unchecked could turn into big old red flags.

Then there are green flags, the positive signs that you’re dating a good egg. TikTok has been abuzz with a new trend about beige flags, but what are they and should you be worried?

What are beige flags in dating?


Put simply, beige flags are warning signs that someone is very, very dull. Maybe it’s a cliché-riddled dating profile, maybe they just have no oomph about them.

Whatever it is, TikTok creators are keen for people to avoid being trapped in a boring relationship.

One creator has been reviewing Hinge and Bumble profiles and declaring whether they are beige or not. Posting as @itscaito, TikTok users are crediting her with “a revolution against boring dates”, where she savagely critiques dating profiles for the same old mistakes and turn-offs that will give people the ick before even meeting.


Is it laziness or disinterest, or are they simply just a boring person? Ultimately it all comes down to personal preference, something that is a beige flag for one person could be a green (or even red) flag for another.

If you’re actively dating and using the apps though it might be an idea to double check that your profile doesn’t contain any of the most common beige flags, which include “hating pineapple on pizza, hating coriander, whether chocolate belongs on the fridge or cupboard.”

Another is references to mainstream sitcoms, for example “looking for the Pam to my Jim.”

“Literally any mention of spreadsheets” is a more niche one.


Another beige flag is “adventure buddy” or “looking for someone to go on adventure with”, or someone saying they’re fluent in sarcasm.

As far as trends go, it’s pretty harmless (unless your entire dating profile has been trashed).

Another beige flag that many creators have also considered to be a red flag is only posting selfies, saying it suggests the user doesn’t have friends or hobbies.


Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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Jen Thomas
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