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Bella Ramsay says 'thank you my gay army' as she announces she's leaving Twitter

Bella Ramsay says 'thank you my gay army' as she announces she's leaving Twitter

The Last of Us actor Bella Ramsey is just one of the recent celebrities to leave the platform.

Actor Bella Ramsey has announced she’s quitting Twitter, just one day after Elon Musk removed the blue ticks of all almost all verified legacy accounts

On Friday 21 April, The Last of Us actor Ramsey, 19, declared that she would no longer be actively using Twitter.

The decision comes after legacy verification was removed from celebrities’ accounts by Twitter CEO Musk, 51.

Ramsey, who is non-binary and doesn't mind what pronouns are used for her, was just one of the many that lost her blue tick on Friday.

She is joined by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Daisy Jones & the Six star Suki Waterhouse.

Bella Ramsey has thanked her 'gay army' for support upon leaving Twitter.
The Last of Us/HBO.

At the time of writing, it’s not known whether losing her blue tick has influenced her decision to leave the platform, however it can be assumed it’s played a crucial role.

“Twitter it’s been fun,” Ramsey tweeted on Friday. “My account will still be active for now but I will not be on here!

“Thank you my gay army and all the rest. Love you.”

Ramsey’s farewell note to Twitter concluded with a Last of Us GIF which show’s her character Ellie saying goodbye.

Since posting, hundreds of Twitter users have already flooded Ramsey’s last Tweet and are lamenting her loss.

One said: “Why does this feel like a breakup?”

Another posted: “We’ll miss you. Stay awesome!”

One user has responded to some of the negative comments left under the post.

Bella Ramsey is just one of the celebrities to recently quit twitter.
Bella Ramsey/@bellaramsey.

They’ve defended Ramsey’s decision to leave by stating: “Why are some people being so rude in the comments? Making assumptions as to why they’re leaving the app?

"Do you know Bella has a life that has become MUCH more bust lately, right? I support and love you, Bella.”

However, Ramsey isn’t the only celebrity to recently exit the platform.

Earlier this week, Chelsea footballer Mason Mount deleted his Twitter account after he accused the platform of ‘changing’.

Mount, 24, wrote: “Over the years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you all on Twitter. Sadly, the platform is changing so I have decided to delete my account.”

Bridgerton creator Shonda Rhimes is another celebrity to make an exit from Twitter. Back in October Rhimes, 53, simply said: “Not hanging around for whatever Elon has planned. Bye.”

While Ramsey didn’t directly attribute leaving the platform to the loss of her verification, a few other notable figures have aired their thoughts about the lack of blue ticks.

Following the removal of her blue tick, Waterhouse, 31, posted a tongue-in-cheek image of what looks like a person releasing their heart chakra and wrote: "Me after becoming unverified."

Actor Suki Waterhouse remains active on Twitter for now.
Suki Waterhouse/@sukiwaterhouse.

Elsewhere, the outspoken comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted: “My blue tick has gone. I’m not sure if I’m really me or not.”

Author Richard Osman wrote: “Farewell blue tick, old friend,” before giving his followers some sound advice.

“Don’t forget, always set your feed to ‘Following’ rather than ‘For You’. Then you’ll keep seeing the people you actually follow, and not people who’ve paid for attention.”

While Ramsey, Osman and Waterhouse have all lost their verifications, it’s been revealed that Musk is ‘personally paying’ for three celebrities to keep theirs.

Musk named basketball legend LeBron James, Canadian actor William Shatner, and horror author Stephen King as the three.

Featured Image Credit: Sipa US / M4OS Photos / Alamy Stock Photo

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