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Belle Delphine reveals how much she earned from selling her own bathwater to fans

Belle Delphine reveals how much she earned from selling her own bathwater to fans

OnlyFans star Belle Delphine has revealed all in a podcast with Louis Theroux

Belle Delphine may be a name you haven't heard in a while if you are an avid social media user.

The social media star turned OnlyFans model had an online resurgence following various controversies in 2019, when her Instagram account got banned at four and a half million followers.

Delphine made a name for herself in 2018 for posting photos online in cosplay, eventually moving over to her iconic pink wig look when she gaining more attention.

From the autumn of 2018 to the summer of 2019, her Instagram followers reportedly went from 850,000 to over four million as she popularised the 'e-girl' aesthetic that has been adopted by many, even today.

She also made a Pornhub account after followers hit a goal on Instagram, but posted clickbait and misleading titles on the site, apparently angering fans.

But what Delphine is best known for is her bathwater antics.

You may be a bit confused if you weren't previously aware but hold tight, it's about to get really disturbing.

Belle Delphine began to sell her bathwater in 2019.

In July 2019, the social media star launched her own online store which sold a product called 'GamerGirl Bath Water', going for $30 (£24) a pop - it sold out within three days.

She captioned the product 'bath water for all you thirsty gamer boys', as many of her followers had perviously said they would drink her bathwater.

Delphine was recently a guest on The Louis Theroux Podcast, revealing all on her earnings through the unique 'venture'.

She stated that she managed to sell 600 in total, which made her $18,000 (£14,300) in bathwater sales.

Although she did state on the podcast that the jars costed $35 each, contrary to the listed price of $30 on the site, which would mean that she made $21,000 (£16,700).

Delphine spoke about the bathwater stunt: "The internet's a strange place.

"But it was definitely a moment where, for whatever reason, it became quite a big news story.

"I think it's quite interesting because it's the whole conversation about a girl capitalising on something very strange."

The 24-year-old explained that she found the reaction from the public to be interesting, stating: "I think a lot of people found it funny because there's so many questions that come from it.

"It's like, oh, is the bathwater real?

"Why did she think of this?

"Who's buying it and what are they doing with it?"

She also revealed her inspiration for the idea: "Obviously the sexual aspects of it also is very clickable, but where I got inspiration from it was I knew that Japan has panty vending machines."

The OnlyFans star revealed her struggles online following her fame.

Her Instagram account was banned following the bathwater stunt, though she made a new one in 2020 which now has over three million followers.

Delphine also spoke about some of her personal troubles since becoming a social media star, which included protecting herself from stalkers.

She revealed that she had to get her house blurred on Google Maps because of a stalker, and that she 'keeps tabs' on stalkers in case anything happens to her or if she speaks to a 'real bad weird guy' through her OnlyFans.

Opening up about her father, Delphine claimed he 'wasn't supposed to be a parent', saying they fell out and she tried to save the relationship in 2019 after her initial success but it didn't pan out, as she couldn't reveal what she did for a living.

Featured Image Credit: X/@louistheroux/Instagram/@belle.delphine

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