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Ben Stiller's Reaction To Being Same Age As Robert De Niro In Meet The Parents

Ben Stiller's Reaction To Being Same Age As Robert De Niro In Meet The Parents

The actor starred alongside the Hollywood legend in the 2000 comedy

It's over 21 years since we were introduced to Greg Focker. Feel old yet? I do.

But while that piece of information should be shocking enough, the recent revelation that Ben Stiller is now the same age that his on-screen father-in-law, Robert De Niro, was when he made Meet The Parents, well and truly blew everyone's minds. Not least of all, Stiller himself.

The actor was recently asked about his reaction to the news, and the 56-year-old said he couldn't quite believe it.

Speaking to Access about his new Apple+ series Severance, Stiller said he was in shock when he saw people talking about the age gap.

But he thought the idea to make another sequel, this time where he plays the dad meeting his daughter's boyfriend for the first time, sounded pretty interesting.

Ben Stiller was pretty shocked when he was told about the age difference between him and Robert De Niro.

He said: "I was, like, 'Wait a minute, wait a minute... I'm as old as... He was old when we did that movie, wait a minute'.

"Honestly, yes, that was the first takeaway, and then after like two hours of that, yeah I think it's [sequel] a hilarious idea, I mean, I think it's a funny idea."

For those of you who aren't quite as familiar with the 2000 film, De Niro played Stiller’s difficult father-in-law, Jack Byrnes, who is a pretty cold figure.

It centred on Stiller's character meeting De Niro and his wife for the first time, and his efforts to impress them.

However, it doesn't go as well as he hopes, with Greg almost destroying his relationship with his partner.

The synopsis for the movie reads: "Greg Focker decides to spend a weekend with his girlfriend's parents before proposing to her. 

"However, her father instantly dislikes Greg, which makes his stay far worse than he imagined."

It was the first of the trilogy of films that Stiller and De Niro starred in alongside one another. 

The first sequel was Meet The Fockers in 2004, followed by a 2010 release titled Little Fockers. 

And since the last film landed, there have been calls for a fourth. 

Greg and Jack don't see eye to eye in the film.

Sharing their plot idea, one person wrote: "I think it’s time for a fourth film in the saga.

"Imagine this, a 56 year old Greg Focker is shocked when his daughter brings home a drop kick boyfriend. 

"Like a Pete Davidson-type. He wants to intimidate this guy but the dude is so confident and laid back that nothing phases him. 

"He thinks back to how much he s**t himself meeting his girlfriend’s parents, so he enlists the help of Jack to take this kid down a peg.

"They team up and wacky hijinks ensue and we have not only Greg struggle to seem threatening but an ageing Jack losing his edge.

"Give it to James Mangold to direct, don’t set it in any established cinematic universe and watch it make a billion dollars."

Well, it looks like it got the green light from Stiller, so when do they start shooting?

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