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Big Brother Australia 2022: Who Is Estelle?

Big Brother Australia 2022: Who Is Estelle?

The OG Big Brother contestant was eliminated in a shock episode of the hit reality TV show.

After a surprise double eviction on Monday (July 4) and a chance at redemption, Estelle Landy - a Big Brother Australia OG - was evicted on Tuesday (July 5), much to fan dismay.

The 34-year-old was a previous contestant on Big Brother season 9, but after a whirlwind of events since then, decided to become a housemate yet again on 2022’s season 14.

While she was upset about her own eviction, Estelle revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that it was not her own demise that she was most shaken about, but the nomination for her friend, and fellow OG housemate, Reggie Bird, to be evicted as well.

She divulged that 'every one of them pretty much in one way or another said they wouldn’t put a point on Reggie, that there was no way that she would ever be their target'.

“To have them all flip on her and send her home straight after me, I was like, this is a disaster,” she recalls.

Despite Estelle’s short-lived time in the Big Brother house this year, she maintains that decision to rejoin the cast was a ‘sign’ that she doesn’t regret.

Estelle opened up to Seven News about the tragic death of her mother, which happened exactly a year before she got the call to return to the Big Brother house for season 14.

“You know, we had a very, very close, intimate relationship, and to lose her, I actually had a really rough kind of run, and she was also such a huge part of my initial Big Brother journey," she said.

“And I got the call on her one-year death anniversary and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is absolutely a sign, I have to do this’."

Estelle’s return to the Big Brother house was not only fuelled by an emotional desire to honour her mother, but also her determination and endurance; qualities she revealed to be strengthened by her ongoing battle with chronic pain.

She aired her concerns about being evicted early on in the competition, explaining that it was the challenges, rather than the housemates, that she was most worried about.

She told The Latch about her chronic pain, which caused an extra layer of discomfort to the many gruelling challenges Big Brother conducts.

“I broke my back snowboarding twice, and I’ve got early on-set arthritis with that,” she said. “But that’s not actually the problem. I had a car accident — I’m so lucky I didn’t actually die — and I actually damaged the nerves that meet in my neck.

"So I’ve got nerve pain, which is the worst pain, and I’ve got carpal tunnel symptoms in my hands."

Estelle hasn’t revealed any concrete plans for the future, but she has been seen on her Instagram continuing to ride and spend time with her horses - assuming she will maintain her role as an equestrian trainer.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 7

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