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People left terrified after calling random phone number on billboard and hearing chilling recording

People left terrified after calling random phone number on billboard and hearing chilling recording

The recording is bone-chilling

Sometimes, you’ll see people doing something on social media and go ‘you’d be the first to go in a horror movie’.

That phenomenon has happened once again after creepy billboards have appeared with a phone number listed – and people are calling it.

Not only are they calling a random phone number, they are calling one with a 666 slab bang in the middle of it – 458.666.4355.

Shock, once they pick up – it’s creepy.

The billboard in question. (NEON)
The billboard in question. (NEON)

The 666 isn’t even the only demonic aspect to the number either, with weirded out fans noticing the number, ‘4355’ at the end spells out HELL on a phone keyboard.

The voice on the other side of the phone has left fans terrified after hearing a bone-chilling recording.

One posted a recording of the call saying: “Nah this is scary asffff”.

Another said: “That voice made the hair stand up on my neck”.

Here’s the recording - as I imagine you are curious:

Creepy. If you think you recognised the voice, you’d be correct because of all people – the chilling voice in that recording is Nicolas Cage.

The billboard turned out to be a promotion for the upcoming horror film Longlegs in which Nicolas Cage plays a creepy serial killer.

The film – which currently sits at a perfect 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes – comes out 12 July in the UK, and the reviews for it have been bonkers.

Courtney Howard, critic that saw it, said: “It’s as if Longlegs was forged in Hell by Satan, who brought it as an artifact into our world as a gift.

“Osgood Perkins’ film is the real f*cking shit. Mischievous, steadied tension build, SCARY & SICK AF.

“Maika Monroe is terrific. Nicolas Cage is in pure weirdo mode.”

The billboard is part of an ongoing marketing campaign for the film which fans have been effusive in their praise of.

One fan posted on X (formerly known as Twitter): “Longlegs has taken the goddamn cake with its marketing tactics. Cryptic. Dreadful. Intriguing. Sickening. Hellish. More marketing like the devil, please. 458.666.4355.”

Whilst many movies would centre their marketing around Nicolas Cage being in their film, Longlegs has taken another approach – with only one frame of the film released so far showing him.

The only shot of Cage released so far from Longlegs. (NEON)
The only shot of Cage released so far from Longlegs. (NEON)

Add to this the creepy voice recording of him when calling the number and Longlegs has built up the suspense for his serial killer character to be revealed.

One fan said on X: “I honestly cannot get over the brilliant marketing for Longlegs.

“We've had months of Neon releasing tiny cryptic, horrifying pieces to put together, giving us just enough to draw us in completely without spoiling anything.

“Just enough for us to willingly creep towards the devil”.

458.666.4355. Call at your peril.

Featured Image Credit: NEON / X

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