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Billie Eilish Says She 'Would Have Died' From Covid If She Wasn't Vaccinated

Billie Eilish Says She 'Would Have Died' From Covid If She Wasn't Vaccinated

The singer opened up about the deadly virus, which she contracted

Billie Eilish has opened up about the impact Covid has had on her life and how grateful she is for the vaccine which 'saved her life'.

The popstar contracted the disease earlier this year and said she still feels the remnants of it to this day.

But she claimed that while the effects of the virus continue to follow her around, she is thankful that she got vaccinated when she did, otherwise, she wouldn't have survived it.

Speaking to Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show, the 19-year-old said: "It was bad. I mean, I didn’t die, and I wasn’t gonna die, but that does not take away from how miserable it was.

"I mean, it was terrible. I still have side effects. I was sick for, like, two months almost.

Billie Eilish says she would have died from Covid if she hadn't got vaccinated.

"I want it to be clear that it is because of the vaccine that I’m fine. I think if I weren’t vaccinated, I would have died, because it was bad.

"When I say it was bad, I more just mean that it felt horrible. But really, in the scheme of Covid, it was not bad. You know what I mean? When you’re sick, you feel f*****g horrible."

Eilish appeared as the guest host on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

Discussing the experience, which is a famed tradition for musicians, actors and artists, the teenager said it was incredible.

"Saturday was, like, you know, one of the best days of my life, it was so much fun and so amazing and surreal and ridiculous," she said.

But she admitted that it was an anxious ride in the build up, saying that it was "f******g nuts" and that she "cried every single day of the week, no joke at all".

During her opening monologue for the show, Eilish even decided to make light of the criticism she has received over her wardrobe.

Eilish hosted Saturday Night Live last week.

Traditionally, the teen has been known to wear pretty baggy clothing - including the likes of hoodies, oversized t-shirts and long shorts.

Bizarrely, it's led to her coming in for a fair bit of flack from some corners of the media, especially when she dared to change her look for a photo shoot earlier this year.

In her monologue, Eilish joked about her reason for wearing such baggy clothing in the past.

She said: "Some people wonder why I started wearing baggy clothes. There was actually a good reason.

"It wasn't just for comfort or for style. This is hard to say for me, but the real reason I wore big, oversized clothes back then is I was actually two kids stacked on top of each other trying to sneak into an R-rated movie."

This isn't the first time Eilish has broached the subject of her style, though.

The teen took issue previously with a Daily Mail headline.
Instagram/Billie Eilish

Back in May, she hit back at critics who tried to shame her following a shoot she did for the cover of Vogue magazine.

A far cry from her more relaxed look, the teen wore stockings, a plunging corset and a Burberry trench coat, while her trademark green hair was replaced with a platinum blonde look.

Speaking to journalist Laura Snapes for British Vogue, Eilish said: "My thing is that I can do whatever I want."

She added: "Suddenly, you're a hypocrite if you want to show your skin, and you're easy, and you're a slut."

But she explained that she wants to turn the narrative around, saying: "Let's turn it around and be empowered in that. Showing your body and showing your skin - or not - should not take any respect away from you."

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