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Bradley Walsh shocked as Max George 'proposes' to Maisie Smith on The Chase

Bradley Walsh shocked as Max George 'proposes' to Maisie Smith on The Chase

Max and Maisie were the first celebrity couple to appear on the show

Bradley Walsh usually has his wits about him while hosting The Chase, but contestants Max George and Maisie Smith took him for a wild ride after appearing on the celebrity special.

Max, 34, and Maisie, 21, who have been officially dating since last year, made history as the first celebrity couple to appear on the hit ITV trivia show.

The thing is, Bradley Walsh obviously didn't get the memo, and appeared to have absolutely no clue that the two contestants were an item.

Bradley Walsh had no idea that pair were together.

Max and Maisie were joined by athlete Christine Ohuruogu and broadcaster Owain Wyn Evans as this episode's celebrity guests.

When the four contestants first introduced themselves to Bradley, he seemed to have no clue that two of the guests were intimately familiar with each other.

After copping that Maisie and Max had obviously met before, Bradley asked the pair how they knew each other, and was absolutely shocked when they told him they were together.

"So you’ve known each other before this then before you’ve gotten here today?” Bradley asked innocently.

Max chuckled and replied: "Yeah, we know each other a little bit."

When Max and Maisie revealed themselves as a couple, Bradley was a little embarrassed.

"You’re not - you’re boyfriend and girlfriend? Ah, I didn't know, I’m so sorry," he said.

Max and Maisie gave the TV host a shock.

Bradley then teased: "So, ah, when's the big day?"

Keeping up the joke, Max replied: "Funny you should mention it..." then turned to Maisie as thought he was about to pop the question.

Playing along with the bit, Maisie eagerly jumped up from the her seat.

The joke went down well with viewers watching from home, who took to Twitter to praise the fun-loving couple.

"Max and Maisie’s banter added to Brads jokes is peak TV," raved one viewer.

"Bradley Walsh not knowing that Max and Maisie are dating even after the way Maisie reacted to everything Max said is the most Bradley Walsh thing ever," wrote a second.

And a third commented: "Maisie Smith and Max George currently being very cute on #thechase. Love them!"

Max pretended to propose to Maisie on the show.

As they mentioned on The Chase, Max and Maisie first met back in 2020 when they both appeared on Strictly Come Dancing.

While Max made it to week four of the dancing competition with his partner Dianne Buswell, Maisie went all the way to the final with Gorka Marquez.

It wasn't until last summer, though, when the pair announced that they were officially dating.

The two have been joined at the hip ever since - so much so that it's a shock that Bradley didn't realise they had met before!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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