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Man says he went to therapy after watching his girlfriend cheat on him in bizarre TV show

Man says he went to therapy after watching his girlfriend cheat on him in bizarre TV show

He admits it helped him work through 'the trauma of the show'

A star of Temptation Island has revealed that he was forced to go to therapy after the show, which involved watching his girlfriend cheat on him.

Casey Starchak was part of season two's intake of the show, which sees couples with relationships on the rocks being separated and sent to Hawaii.

Watch his refreshingly honest confession below:

They're then surrounded by hot, single individuals where temptation can set in. The aim is to test their relationship, make their bond stronger - but in some cases it can do the opposite.

The show aired on E4 earlier this year for a UK audience and the episode is sending British viewers crazy.

Starchek was filmed with his jaw dropping as he, and a group of fellow contestants, watched in horror as his then partner, Ashley, got a little too cosy with a man called Ben.

The video posted to his then new YouTube channel two years ago covered his health and fitness transformation in regards to his experience on the show.

Casey was horrified to see his partner, Ashley in bed with another man.

"If you've seen the show things did not go too well for me," he begins.

"You've all seen me at my low... this sad guy getting cheated on by his girlfriend, leaves him and he essentially loses all his gains gets super sad, skinny, depressed, stops eating."

He continues: "I'd actually been working out for 12 years before I signed up for Temptation Island, so fitness had been a huge part of my life."

Fast forward to 2019 and things 'went south'.

"That five weeks of filming temptation island was the most major setback I've ever seen," he explains, saying he went from 'looking super big and shredded months before to looking like I didn't even work out'.

He blames the fact that there was no weights room available during filming and added that he lost his appetite due to the break up of his relationship.

His then girlfriend was caught filming with another women.

"So what did I do to not just get back to where I was before but achieve a new level where I'm at now - the best shape of my life?

"Well step one always is: take care of your mental health.

"I've never gone to a therapist in my life, but I did go seek therapy and I was able to deal with what I went through, deal with the trauma of the show and the breakup."

"Step one if you ever want to change your physical and get in better shape, always, always make sure your mental health is right," he advises.

He then goes into detail how he surrounded himself with the right people and got a coach who put him on the right exercise and food path.

Ashley insists that her then boyfriend Casey 'forced her' into taking part in the raunchy reality show before she cheated on him.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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