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Anthony Mundine Has Labelled The Australian National Anthem As Racist

Anthony Mundine Has Labelled The Australian National Anthem As Racist

"It’s all about Advance Australia ‘Fair’ – but that’s fair in colour."

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Indigenous rugby league star Cody Walker raised a few eyebrows this week when he announced he wouldn't be singing the Australian national anthem during next week's State of Origin.

People called him unpatriotic while others celebrated his right to exercise free speech (or lack thereof when you're not actually singing).

Cody Walker.
Channel 9

Walker gained a few supporters from within the NRL but now he's had the backing from headline grabber Anthony Mundine.

The former NRL player turned boxer turned anti-vaxxer turned rugby league player again has told Wide World of Sports that more people should follow Cody's steps, even non-Indigenous athletes.

"It would be great to see if non-Aboriginal brothers took the same stance.

"All white fellas ain't bad. They see the Aboriginal people's plight, they see what's going on; the oppression. Within the justice system, kids are getting locked up. How limited the opportunities for Aboriginal people and how many opportunities there are for Caucasian white fellas.

Anthony Mundine
Anthony Mundine

"It's hard, but if they stood with them it would be a lot more powerful movement for what they're trying to do, because then you've got both sides of the fence taking one action."

But when it came time to talk about the national anthem, that's when Anthony Mundine threw a curve ball.

"The current anthem right now, if you do your research on it - to me, it's racist. It doesn't include [Indigenous people].

"It's all about Advance Australia 'Fair' - but that's fair in colour. That's why the Stolen Generations came into play. They wanted to wipe out the blackness of this country."


"People have got to do their research. It's just an injustice to the Aboriginal people, the native people of this land. It's affected family, it's affected mob; and obviously it's affected Cody and Josh's mob."

It's not the first time Anthony Mundine has labelled the Aussie national tune as racist. He refused to sing it during his highly anticipated boxing event with Danny Green in 2017.

Of course, he copped a battering from media outside the ring for those comments and it's clear he hasn't let up on those sentiments.

Cody Walker said he wouldn't sing the anthem next week because it doesn't sit right with him and it's not the way he was raised.

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