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Margot Robbie has already demonstrated she has some pretty impressive acting chops.

She became the face for Harley Quinn when she starred in Suicide Squad (2016) and Birds of Prey (2020) and now the 33-year-old has brought an iconic doll to life in the upcoming Barbie movie.

However, some fans think that Robbie is taking her art too seriously as she has been called out for 'using' an Australian accent while on a press tour for the new flick.

Margot Robbie has been told she should 'drop the accent' by some disgruntled fans while on a press tour.

Admittedly, the criticism does come off as... well, unfair.

Robbie's Aussie twang is the real deal as she was born in Dalby, Queensland and grew up in the Gold Coast.

I guess, she must be that good an actor that people have seemingly forgotten this well known fact.

One social media user fumed: "I don't like that on the press tour she's using her Aussie accent as if to let others know she's a good actress or something because her American English sounds fine.

"Is she here on a working visa? She lives and works in Hollywood - and that's where she gets her massive income from.

"Drop the accent."

The comment lead to a mixture of reactions.

One wrote: "I think she knows Margot is Australian, it's a 'You're in our country, you have to talk like us' kind of thing."

Another sarcastically remarked: "I demand that from here on in, all movies played must use the accent of the country they're played in. There, that should do it!"

The actor stars in the upcoming Barbie movie.
Warner Bros

Robbie's Aussie roots have previously made for some hilarious viral moments.

In a recent interview on Australian TV, she completely blanked on a famous bit of slang.

When interviewer Sam Taunton said: "[Barbie] means so much to so many people. I'm not sure if Margot told you but the word barbie means something else in Australia," Robbie was left bemused.

She asked: "What does it mean here?"

Once it dawned on the star that they were referring to a barbecue, she cracked up.

Trying to excuse her lapse in memory, the Babylon actor said: "I'm so Barbie now I can't even...

"A barbie, yeah, having a barbie.

"I'm blaming the jet lag by the way. Don't blame the blonde hair, blame the jet lag."

This incident led many social media users to claim that Robbie was no longer Australian as 'barbies' are one of the more obvious stereotypes people associate with her homeland.

As she said herself, we can all have those moments where we're 'so Barbie'.

Barbie is set to be released in theatres later this week (21 July).

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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