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Clip Of Johnny Knoxville 'Trying To Flirt' With Beyoncé Goes Viral

Clip Of Johnny Knoxville 'Trying To Flirt' With Beyoncé Goes Viral

When the pop superstar asked Knoxville who he's looking forward to seeing perform, he replied: "Only you."

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the moment Johnny Knoxville attempted to 'flirt' with Beyoncé at the 2001 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles:

In the clip, Beyoncé says she hopes Knoxville doesn't say anything 'crazy' to her before the Jackass star puts her at ease, explaining: "I was just admiring this gentleman's moustache [or mushtache if you're Knoxville] back here, check out that."

The camera zoomed into a tuxedo-clad man who seemed to be standing behind the barrier and speaking towards a camera - leading us to believe he could be a reporter.

Knoxville then went on: "The test of a real moustache is whether you can see it from behind or not. That one, you can see from behind. But speaking of behinds...

"That's it."


The pop superstar seemed to have been caught off guard by his 'behind' gag, seemingly referring to her famous derrière.

She told Knoxville: "Okay, don't say anything else about behinds." Then, trying to change the subject, she asked: "Who are you looking forward to seeing?"

He responded: "Only you... after this the whole night just goes downhill."

Then he added: "That, and the bartender inside."


Beyoncé, who was hosting the red carpet event alongside Mark Hoppus, raised her eyebrows and said: "Ohhhh, I think you have enough alcohol right now."

The clip resurfaced on Twitter with a post that reads: "Anyway, look at Johnny Knoxville flirting with Beyoncé 20 years ago."

Responding to the video, one person wrote: "Ya know I could see it. Also 'my name is Johnny Knoxville and this is shooting my shot with Beyonce'."

Another added: "They also presented together at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards! He was really trying to shoot his shot at her!"

A third commented: "I feel like this was the night Beyoncé decided she didn't want to do gigs like this having to host and interview people."

The clip gave other people ammo to talk about the possibility of the pair getting together and it seemed to go down pretty well.

Someone else wrote: "There's a variant timeline somewhere out there where Beyoncé married Johnny Knoxville and that timeline has COVID-54 and the President is actually Kanye West."

Another said: "Can you imagine an alt universe where Beyoncé and Johnny Knoxville were a thing...?"

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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