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Couples Relate To Chrissy Teigen's Complaint About Husband John Legend

Couples Relate To Chrissy Teigen's Complaint About Husband John Legend

Being in a live-in relationship is great but it doesn't come without its drawbacks. For example, if you're fond of your phone charger it might be best to make your excuses and keep living solo, because as soon as there's another person on the scene, that thing is going walkabout.

The problem is so widespread, in fact, that it looks as though no one is safe from spousal charger theft. And now, as documented by Chrissy Teigen, that includes celebrities.


The 32-year-old model took to Twitter to publically roast husband John Legend for stealing all - that's right, all - of her phone chargers and it seems a lot of people can relate.

In fact, some are even blaming the singer for the theft of their own phone chargers, amongst other things.

The accusation hit home for a lot of Chrissy's followers, some of whom began blaming John for possessions of theirs which had gone missing.

"Can we just start blaming John for everything that we as a community loses? I've got some missing pizza that I need an answer for," said one commenter.


"Lost my virginity in 1975. Where was John?" asked another.

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One more said: "This explains so much!

"Does John also like socks? Cuz I can never find mine."

Teigen then posted that she was considering buying a new phone charger; one that John couldn't steal.

But John was having none of it.

The 39-year-old musician and alleged thief took to his own Twitter account a day later to defend himself.

"These outrageous allegations are simply false. I have been transparent and truthful about these vile claims, but I will not further engage publicly with a coordinated smear campaign," he tweeted.

The episode, which some are now jokingly referring to as 'chargergate', proves that the issue of charge theft between couples is going on in every corner of society, and no matter how trustworthy your partner may seem, if you can't find yours, then it's probably plugged in at their desk or on their side of the bed.

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