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Jennifer Lawrence Trolls Emma Stone At The Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence Trolls Emma Stone At The Oscars

Host Jimmy Kimmel couldn't help but make a joke about 'La La Land'

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was spotted having a laugh at the expense of her pal and fellow Oscar winner Emma Stone at this year's Academy Awards.

Opening the show, host Jimmy Kimmel made reference to the awkward mix up last year, which saw La La Land (staring Stone) being named as the winner of best picture, before it was announced that the actual winner was Moonlight. It was very awkward, but very entertaining for us at home, of course.

"This year, when you hear your name called, don't get up right away," Kimmel said. "Give us a minute."

At this moment, the camera panned to Stone who was sat beside her mate Lawrence, who pointed and began laughing, while Stone pulled an unimpressed face. With friends like that, who needs enemies eh?

On Twitter, viewers loved the reaction:

The Hunger Games actress wasn't up for an award at this year's awards, but she still managed to steal the show by hitching up her dress and climbing over a row of seats - drink in hand.

Lawrence was dressed in a very fancy, platinum sequin gown by Dior, paired with some high-heeled strappy shoes, but she didn't let that hold her back.

After chatting to Oscar nominee Meryl Streep, the actress attempted to find her seat, got the wrong row and rather than walk around (who has time for that?) she decided climbing over would be quicker. Nicely done.

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