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Hugh Jackman Mocks Ryan Reynolds As Company Truck Gets Towed

Hugh Jackman Mocks Ryan Reynolds As Company Truck Gets Towed

Their long-running feud has gone to new levels

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have become entangled in a game of banter ping-pong over the years.

Deadpool actor Reynolds once hijacked a poignant anniversary tribute that Jackman posted on social media, only for Wolverine himself to hit back, inviting Ryan to a Christmas jumper-themed soirée (where, of course, he was the only one to receive that particular dress code).

Despite claiming that they had 'called a truce' on their social media war, it seems to have erupted again - this time Reynolds, 42, started it by parking a huge Aviation Gin truck in front of his frenemy's café, while Jackman, 50, finished it when he posted a picture of it being towed away.

Bravo, fellas.

The post was uploaded to Instagram.

Jackman posted the picture to his 26.9 million Instagram followers (not many, then) showing Reynolds' company truck being towed from the front of his cafe, Laughing Man.

He added the caption: "Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy," and Reynolds replied saying: "What? I have a very elaborate designated driver."

Ryan's own Aviation Gin also got in on the action, adding: "We're dedicated to all Aviation Gin personnel having paid time off to relax from the hard work we're doing every day...even the trucks."

Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin truck was parked in front of Jackman's cafe.

It seems fans of the two actors were satisfied with the pair jumping back on the banter-bus, as one commented: "The battle continues."

Another added: "You might need a new driver at this rate... Think he has been enjoying the gin waaay too much," with a third commenting: "Hey that's a great attention getter. I applaud the imaginative work."

When the pair announced their 'truce', they were helping each other out with advertisements for their companies. Only instead of helping a brother out, Jackman took the opportunity to call Reynolds a f***ing a***hole. Awks.

At the beginning of one 'ad', Jackman tells the camera: "Me and Ryan recently called a truce on our social media war and we promised to make ads for each other."

Reynolds adds: "Yeah, we sure did. I've been working 24/7 on an ad for Hugh's incredible coffee company Laughing Man and he's been working hard 24/7 I imagine on an Aviation Gin ad, so I'm going to go first. Let's roll it."

What follows is a stunning advert, praising Jackman for his charity work and highlighting the fact that money from the sales of the coffee go to good causes.

The video then pans back to the studio, with a shocked Jackman and a proud Reynolds.

There wasn't the same amount of thought in Hugh Jackman's advertisement.

With a concerned look on his face, Jackman then says: "I'm not quite ready to show mine yet, let's just cut it there. It's not quite finished. Colour correcting and all that."

But Reynolds insists, and they do. Uh oh...

The clip starts rolling and opens with Jackman sitting in a library with a bottle of Aviation Gin on the table in front of him.

It's a classy enough set-up but things are not as they appear. Looking straight at the camera, Jackman says: "Ryan Reynolds is a total f***ing a***hole."

Then after a short pause, he goes on: "The gin is pretty great though... I'll have to try it some day," before opening the bottle and pouring it all over the table.

Cutting back to a stunned Reynolds, Jackman adds: "Sorry man, I didn't think the truce was actually real."

Well, if it was real - it definitely isn't now.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thehughjackman

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