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Joe Wicks Says People Shouldn't Be Concerned About Returning To Gyms When They Re-Open

Joe Wicks Says People Shouldn't Be Concerned About Returning To Gyms When They Re-Open

A LADbible poll revealed that more than 67 percent of people will not be returning to gyms in England when they re-open on 25 July

Zoe Archer

Zoe Archer

The nation's PE teacher Joe Wicks says people should not be worried about returning to gyms when they reopen this month, adding that he will be back in the gym and swimming pool as soon as he gets the chance.

Last week, the UK Government announced that gyms across England will be allowed to reopen from Saturday 25 July - but it appears not everyone is ready to start shifting the extra lockdown pounds just yet.

In fact, a LADbible poll revealed that only 33 percent of people are happy that gyms are reopening.

It appears the remaining 67 percent won't be rushing back through the doors to pump iron in a little under two weeks' time, with some saying it is just too soon.

But Wicks says we shouldn't be afraid to return to our local gyms - as long as we practice social distancing.

He tells LADbible: "I think it's great that gyms are opening up now and there's so many people that rely on that business. So it's important we get them open.

Joe Wicks.

"For people that are nervous it's all about taking precautions, if you're not quite ready you can continue to train at home.

"But they're going to be really up on the cleaning and taking care of it. It's a case of social distancing as best you can."

Some gym chains have already revealed what the 'new normal' will look like after 25 July - with additional cleaning stations, clear social distancing markers and screens erected around pieces of equipment, to name just a few of the changes.

Gym opening hours will also be temporarily reduced, while classes will be running on a smaller schedule


While it might all seem a bit alien at first, there is no doubting that exercise is beneficial for both the body and mind. After months of being relatively inert while staying indoors, it would certainly be good for most of us to get moving again.

On this subject, fitness guru Joe couldn't agree more.

He says: "I think mental health is so important right now and the link between exercise and mental health is so evident, so you've got to try and keep some kind of activity - getting out, lifting your endorphins. If you're struggling, find out what works for you."

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Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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