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Eminem Opens Up About Daughter Hailie On New Album Revival

Eminem Opens Up About Daughter Hailie On New Album Revival

Eminem was prone to rapping about his ex-wife, Kim, and expressing his love for the then infant Hailie.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

As any Eminem fan knows, his daughter Hailie is a huge part of his life.

In the Golden Age - we're talking the Slim Shady LP - Marshall Mathers LP era, and if you disagree you don't know what you're talking about - Eminem was prone to rapping about his ex-wife, Kim and expressing his love for the then infant Hailie, who is now 22, often to the detriment of the pair, who were thrown into the spotlight against their will.

Now, almost 20 years on, Eminem has opened up about the regrets that he has about the way that he treated his nearest and dearest back in the day.

In his latest album, Revival, Marshall raps directly to his daughter, saying: "I built this castle / Now we are trapped on the throne / I'm sorry we're alone / I wrote my chapter / You'll turn the page when I'm gone / I hope you'll sing along / This is your song / I just want you to know that I ain't scared / Whatever it takes to raise you, I'm prepared."

He adds later in the track: "You ain't asked for none of this shit, now you're being punished? Things that should've been private with me and your mother is public / I can't stomach / They can take this fame back / I don't want it I'll put out this last album / Then I'm done with it."

Eminem has never been one to mince his words, also touching on a near death experience in 2007 when he overdosed on methadone, saying: "And if things should worsen / don't take this letter I wrote / As a goodbye note / 'Cause your dad's at the end of his rope / I'm sliding down a slippery slope / Anyways sweetie, I better go / I'm getting sleepy."

This is the most pointed that Eminem has been in talking about his relationships with his wife and daughter, but it is far from the only instance where he has addressed them through his music.

He released a diss track called 'Bonnie and Clyde 97' on The Slim Shady LP, 'Kim' on The Marshall Mathers LP and later: 'Hailie's Song' on The Eminem Show and 'Mockingbird' on Encore.

Eminem's latest album has received a mixed reception in the press having been leaked ahead of the official release yesterday, though the first single, featuring Ed Sheeran, has gone straight to the top of the iTunes chart.

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