Diplo Savages Dan Bilzerian For Criticising The #MeToo Movement

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Diplo Savages Dan Bilzerian For Criticising The #MeToo Movement

Nearly everyone who raised their voices for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have been praised for coming out of the shadows and shining a light on horrific behaviours that need to be stamped out. Some accusations have involved rape, sexual assault, sexual misconduct or inappropriateness.

However, of those who've come forward, there have been a very small handful of people who have faced more criticism than the behaviours the movements were intended to highlight.


One of the biggest cases of this was the woman who told that Master of None actor and creator Aziz Ansari gave her the worst date of her life and coerce her into doing sexual things, despite her giving 'verbal and non-verbal cues'.


Following this incident, some dissenting voices have even suggested that the #MeToo movement has gone too far. One of those people is Dan 'King of Instagram' Bilzerian.

He wrote on Twitter: "This #MeToo shit is getting out of control, guys getting their lives ruined over touching a girl's back or hitting on someone. Fuck, this country is getting soft."

Judging from the people who have commented on the post, he doesn't have many supporters in this specific perspective.


Among the many who have criticised him, producer Diplo has been the most savage.

Hitting back at Bilzerian's comment, the Jack U and Major Lazer DJ said: "Wow, I wonder why a person who has kicked a woman in the face, broken another's leg, and has to pay models to hang out with him would feel nervous about this movement?

"Only totally normal, not-at-all guilty guys act visibly nervous when they see people finally facing consequences for the awful things they've done to people in the past."


In 2014, Bilzerian was banned from a Miami nightclub for kicking model Vanessa Castano in the face during a brawl. The famous poker player claimed Castano had attacked a woman he was with. The victim filed a lawsuit, however the charges were later dropped.

Earlier that year, the 37-year-old was videoed throwing adult film star Janice Griffith off the roof of a house, as part of a photoshoot for Hustler. He meant for her to land in a pool - however, she fell short and broke her foot. She also filed a lawsuit against the magazine and Bilzerian, but these charges were also dropped.

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