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Paddy McGuinness Slams 'D***head' Panic Buyers Stocking Up On Toilet Roll

Paddy McGuinness Slams 'D***head' Panic Buyers Stocking Up On Toilet Roll

The TV presenter reassured his followers there was plenty of food and drink but no toilet paper

Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness has slammed d***head panic buyers for stripping supermarket shelves and 'denying pensioners' access to supplies in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 46-year-old filmed himself while sat in his car in a supermarket car park. He started the clip by saying: "Good morning to you, I'm about to risk my first big shop since all this madness happened.

"Hoping there's going to be stuff on the shelves after all the absolute tools stripped everything, denying all the pensioners and anyone who couldn't get to the supermarkets.

"Well I've got news for you, you know all that pasta you bought and that lifetime supply of toilet roll, after eating all that pasta you'll not be s***ing yourselves for a month anyhow so the toilet roll is a waste of time." Fair point, well made.

Paddy McGuinness as slammed people who are hording toilet roll.

The clip then ends while Paddy goes in store to take his chances with the stockpilers and the panic buyers to try and get his groceries.

In a second clip, Paddy hops back in his car and explains that the toilet paper and kitchen rolls shelves were completely empty, but not to worry about food and drinks as there was 'plenty'.

He said: "Food and drink the very stuff we need to survive, tonnes of it, no need to panic. Plenty on the shelves.

"If you've gone out to buy all the toilet roll and kitchen roll what are you doing? Forget that hole down there, concentrate on that hole [pointing out his mouth], that's the one.

Take Me Out and Top Gear host Paddy McGuinness.

"Food and drink, concentrate on that. The other one will look after itself, Jesus. Anyhow, stay safe, wash your hands." Good advice.

He ended the clip by saying: "Don't panic buy toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, unless you're a massive d***head. Have a good day."

Paddy's not the only one who's been left shocked by panic buying, today shoppers took to social media to share footage of the lengthy queues outside their local supermarkets.


With many supermarkets that were previously 24-hours now introducing closing times to restock to meet demands, eager customers could be seen queuing in their droves outside.

Let's all bring some positivity, support and fun to anyone who might find themselves in isolation as a result of the coronavirus spread. Need some entertainment? Join Isolation Nation:

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Paddy McGuinness

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