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Joey Ryan Invites Mia Khalifa Into The Ring After She Criticised Wrestling

Joey Ryan Invites Mia Khalifa Into The Ring After She Criticised Wrestling

Mia Khalifa certainly didn't win any wrestling fans when she went in on the sport, criticising it as 'not real' and 'embarrassing'. She was referring to former UFC fighter Rhona Rousey moving to the WWE, telling YouTube show Out of Bounds: "This is where her career will go to die."

Despite this, the 24-year-old former adult film star was invited to the Sabotage Wrestling's War of the Genders 2 show in Texas. However, instead of watching from the side lines - Mia was asked to get into the ring by Joey Ryan.


The pro-wrestler said to Ms Khalifa: "There's a little term on the internet called keyboard warrior. So now you're in the ring you can prove whether you mean what you really say."

While Mia could have danced around the subject or even apologised, she did not hold back.

She told Joey and the crowd: "Of course I mean what I say. Of course, I do. You look like a giant, hairy man baby. I could not believe your gimmick."


That gimmick, of course, is his powerful bionic penis, which he apparently uses in his wrestling matches.

Joey tries to not seem phased by her man-baby comments and invites her to 'touch my dick' so she can see what all the fuss is about. But before she can, her bodyguard steps in and they exchange a few moves.

It all culminates in the bodyguard being forced to his knees and having his hand feel the wrath of this apparent robot dick.

It seemed like a decent few people enjoyed seeing Mia in the ring after her comments about the sport.

While the little back and forth between the bodyguard and Joey Ryan proved Mia's point about the sport, one punter hit the nail on the head about its attraction, writing: "Dude this is how you show people who hate on wrestling how fun it can be. It doesn't always have to be Okada vs. Omega.

"Sometimes it can just be pure fun, and I hope she can see the allure and say it's not her thing, but she gets why people love it."

When Mia made her initial comments about wrestling, it naturally caused people to go in on her; but after the social media shitstorm calmed down, she said: "People take things so seriously. I have no hate towards wrestlers, I just love talking shit."

Who knows whether we'll see her again in a ring.

Featured Image Credit: Joey Ryan/YouTube/Instagram

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