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Big Brother 7's Pete Bennett Now Spends His Time Acting And Running A 'Celeb Cleaning Business'

Big Brother 7's Pete Bennett Now Spends His Time Acting And Running A 'Celeb Cleaning Business'

The seventh UK series of Big Brother in 2006 was more memorable than most. While people may remember model Imogen Thomas, and Nikki Grahame's legendary 'Who IS she?' moment, you shouldn't forget Pete Bennett. the lovable LAD with Tourette's who ended up winning the show.


Credit: ITV/Loose Women

Winning the show's £100,000 prize and briefly going out with his ex-housemate Nikki, Pete was praised for putting Tourette's on the map, increasing awareness of his condition and continuing to make TV appearances.

At first Pete's new fame went well. Although he broke up with Nikki, he did release his autobiography, Pete: My Story in 2006. He also pursued a music career, first becoming a solo artist before fronting a new band Pete Bennett and the Love Dogs, which played Glasto in 2007.


Credit: PA

However, not long after that, Brighton resident Pete's life went down a darker path, as he ended up homeless and addicted to ketamine, sleeping on his friends' sofas.

In 2015 Pete even went on The Jeremy Kyle Show, discussing his problems with drug addiction and homelessness and his struggle to cope with losing several friends.

"The work didn't come in any more. I just lost it all," Pete told the show. "Having all of that money, I didn't know what to do with it. You know what I mean?"


"That's a lot of money to suddenly get in my bank account, but I put it on the wrong things. To be homeless after having so much money, I didn't mind it too much, you know? Money's money! Easy come, easy go."

Credit: ITV/Jeremy Kyle

Thankfully, by that point Pete was on the road to recovery and has now gotten into acting, telling Jezza that he is doing loads of films, 'working his way up the ladder'.


In October 2016 Pete appeared on the Loose Women show alongside his ex Nikki, looking in a lot better shape and saying his Tourette's had calmed down massively over the past ten years.

"I've bigged up Tourettes, made it all cool," Pete said when asked if he was still glad to have gone into the Big Brother house. "I've even got people in Australia, Tourette's Australia, contact me saying 'G'day mate! You've really sorted it out up here, the kids love you.' so it's gone worldwide..."

In recent years Pete has specialised in acting in horror movies. On Loose Women he discussed starring in the film Crispy's Curse, a horror film about a Christian rock band taking on a killer clown.


Credit: YouTube/John Williams

Pete has also started his own celebrity cleaning business, Celebriclean.

"I thought, 'Oh God, it's really hard to get work... with being on telly,' so I thought, 'I know' I started cleaning," Pete explained.

"I thought, 'hang on a minute', because every time I was cleaning someone's house you get people going 'selfie, Pete. Selfie, Pete', You know what I mean?"

"So I thought, why don't we use this as a business where we get fans of people on telly to come and clean their house?"

After having a rough couple of years it looks like everything is going better for Pete now. Good on you, mate.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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