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Will Smith Appeared To Laugh At Chris Rock's Joke Until He Saw Jada's Reaction

Jess Hardiman

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Will Smith Appeared To Laugh At Chris Rock's Joke Until He Saw Jada's Reaction

Will Smith initially appeared to laugh at Chris Rock's Oscars joke after the comedian made a quip about his wife's shaven head - until he saw her reaction, it seems. Watch the moment here:


Jada Pinkett Smith was sitting in the audience with husband Will when Rock made a comment about her hairstyle.

"Jada, I love you - G.I. Jane 2, can't wait to see it!" Rock told her, as a nod to Demi Moore's 1997 film G.I. Jane, which saw lead actor Demi Moore shave her head for the role.

Pinkett Smith didn't look happy in the slightest - at one point even rolling her eyes as Rock tried to defend himself, telling her: "That was a nice one!"

Moments later, Smith could be seen striding up on stage and slapping a stunned Rock before storming off stage, shouting from his seat: "Keep my wife's name out your f**king mouth."

But James O'Brien, who runs Jomboy Media, noticed how Smith's reaction didn't actually appear to be that bad at first, having spotted how he initially laughed along with the joke.

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

In a breakdown of the incident, he explained: "Will Smith accidentally finds it hilarious - just big, old, open-mouth laugh, head chuckle galore."

Cutting to Pinkett Smith's reaction, O'Brien continued: "Will's laughing it up - uh oh, Jada did NOT like the joke. She stares some daggers Chris Rock's way.

"Sometime right after this scene, she's going to turn to Will, give him the same look, and that's going to change the way that this goes."

O'Brien said the moment where Smith gets up to slap Rock had everyone questioning whether or not the strike was 'real', saying at this point 'it still seems fake' as it looked like a 'movie set' slap.

However, he continued: "I just want to show you, that after the [slap], as far as we can see, Chris Rock never touches his face, never rubs it, never nothing. So, I mean, he comes out the big winner if this is real."

Showing the moment Rock glanced off stage, O'Brien added: "I also love this look behind stage, like, 'We're just going to... You guys aren't going to stop or anything? We're just going to... right.'"

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

After the dramatic incident, many people tweeted to say it looked staged, with one viewer writing: "That Will Smith/Chris Rock s**t looked staged as hell for some reason. That joke didn't have that much substance for that much reaction. Sumtn ain't right..."

Another added: "The whole Will Smith thing looked a bit staged to me."

But many others believe that O'Brien's breakdown helps show that the moment wasn't scripted - while 62.5 percent of LADbible readers also said they think it was real.

Retweeting O'Brien's video, one user said: "This breakdown makes it seem like it was not scripted. If unscripted, the winner is Chris Rock for taking a slap and barely being phased. And Will Smith ... we need answers bud."

Someone else said: "Thought it was fake and staged, but seeing Jada's initial reaction, and then the tenor of Will's voice later (he's not that good of an actor), she must have let him know somehow that he had to do something."

A third added: "As someone who didn't watch the Oscars, this has cleared up so much confusion for me, so thank you for that Jimmy."

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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Jess Hardiman
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