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Airbnb host fuming at state huge celebrity left their property in

Airbnb host fuming at state huge celebrity left their property in

He scored them a 3/10 as guests

An Airbnb host complained at the huge mess a celebrity left behind at his property after staying there around Halloween.

TikToker Gabe has had some famous faces staying at his Airbnb over the years and once they've packed up and gone he makes a video rating how neat and tidy they left the place.

Unfortunately for Gabe some of his recent residents left him with a huge job of cleaning up their mess, leading him to score them a 3/10 as guests.

The latest instalment of his 'rating how celebrities leave my Airbnb' series showed that outside the property there were Halloween decorations strewn about, though that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Venturing further inside he found the main bedroom an absolute pigsty, with the bed unmade and things left on it staining the sheets.

The mystery celebrity left a couple of pink watches behind.

The celebrity who'd booked the house had even left two pink watches behind on the bedside table, with Gabe noting that one of them was 'actually very expensive'.

The TikToker continued assessing the damage while 'the whole house also smelled like smoke' and he knew he'd have to clean up the 'spilled food on multiple places'.

It got even worse as 'almost every room had ash and tobacco on the floor', while the TikToker also found an empty jewellery case from New York City left behind.

Gabe found a 'fake golden ring and Covid tests' on his kitchen counter, though his fridge and cupboards had fared a little bit better.

It seems as though the celebrity had hosted a Halloween party in the Airbnb as the fridge was full of sweet treats, while Gabe's cupboards were 'loaded with all sorts of candies'.

Everywhere in the Airbnb had been left a mess.

At this point you might be wondering who the celebrity in question is to leave the Airbnb in such a state, but Gabe didn't name the person in question for obvious reasons.

Now that didn't stop the comments from speculating as to the identity of this mystery celeb, while Gabe said he was 'still a big fan' of theirs despite the mess they left behind for him to clean up.

Others wondered if the TikToker kept the watches which had been left behind, with Gabe saying he had 'no reason to go through the struggle of finding out whose items they are' if they didn't care enough to take them.

With guests like this is it any wonder that some Airbnb hosts have got a plethora of 'trust issues' and leave plenty of directions behind for their guests?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@gabrielist22

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