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Anthony Joshua is spending four days in complete darkness with only his thoughts

Anthony Joshua is spending four days in complete darkness with only his thoughts

The boxer has paid a few grand for the pleasure of it

We all have our preferred choices of down-time. Maybe we close our bedroom door, switch on Netflix and binge a series for the third time.

Or perhaps we read a book, have a kick about with our mates, go on a walk with a podcast.

Or maybe you splash out a few grand to sit on your own in a dark room for a few days.

Ok, yeah, that’s not exactly a regular thing to do. But it’s what Anthony Joshua has chosen.

The 34-year-old has paid £2,000 to go and spend four entire days in complete darkness with ‘nothing’ in there at all.

Yep, the boxer is spending the whole time in there with nothing but his thoughts.

He wrote on social media on Monday evening (16 October): “Myself and [my friend] are about to embrace the darkness and solitude for four days (separate rooms)..

"Isolated with nothing to do except relax and clear the mind while being immersed in infinite darkness."

Anthony Joshua.
Dave Benett / Contributor/Getty Images

Joshua previously spoke to Men’s Health about the experience, confessing: “At the time it will be the worst thing ever, but then I think when I come out, I will say I wish I had done more.”

Food will be slid in for the star to eat, but he won’t see the person passing it through the door as he is left to find it in ‘pitch black’.

He explained: “I’m doing it for character. If I go for a walk in the woods, enjoy the scenery, the birds chirping, I’m going for peace. In this, though, it’s just me and my mind.”

And the boxer isn’t worried about being bored in there with his thoughts as there’s ‘so much stored in the subconscious’.

The boxer is alone with his thoughts.
Mark Robinson/Getty Images

You’d be hoping you’ve got enough there to keep you busy for four whole days then.

“What’s the worst that can happen?” says AJ. “The worst is death so if it doesn’t do that, all good. I said to them I was a bit scared and he said that’s a good thing.”

And if he does get scared, there’s apparently no panic button in the room, but he claims: “By 20 October, I will be one of the coolest people, coming out after sitting for four days in the dark.”

Featured Image Credit: Francois Nel/Getty Images / James Chance/Getty Images

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