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Anthony Joshua tells Louis Theroux he wants to fight Tyson Fury but admits odds are against him

Anthony Joshua tells Louis Theroux he wants to fight Tyson Fury but admits odds are against him

Watch the exclusive video as Anthony Joshua sits down with Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux is coming back to our screens with another round of interviews – and the first one’s a banger.

For the debut episode of Louis Theroux Interviews series two (airing 7 November), the documentarian follows the one and only Anthony Joshua.

Watch this exclusive clip as the boxer tells Theroux he wants to fight Tyson Fury, but admits the odds are against him.

Fury and Joshua are certainly rivals, although they’ve never actually fought one another.

British boxing fans have waited years to see the two heavyweights go head-to-head, but despite attempts to make the bout happen, it’s fell through.

Speaking with Theroux, Joshua says he’d be ‘over the moon’ if he beat Fury and ‘of course’ he would like to fight him.

The documentary pro also asks if the boxer is friendly with him: “Not really,” he shrugs off. “But I respect what he’s done.”

In classic Theroux style, there’s plenty of awkward silence before he points out Tyson called AJ a ‘dosser’.

The ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ star even does an impression of ‘The Gypsy King’ as he says: “You big dosser. He’s a bodybuilder.

Louis Theroux Interviews lands on our screens on 7 November.

“He is a businessman, I am a spartan.”

Joshua jokes the husky-voiced Fury speaks like ‘he’s eaten a frog’.

And then Theroux asks the all-important question: “Do you think you could beat him?”

Without hesitation, it seems to be an easy response from the boxer with a ‘yeah’.

Although he agrees it ‘wouldn’t be easier’.

“The bookies, I think, would favour him,” says Theroux.

AJ agrees, as he adds: “But it’s good. Gives me a bit more… you know?

“It’s a challenge but one I’ll be up for.”

The ‘biggest fight in British boxing history’ has still not been agreed upon between the pair, but Joshua recently told Sky Sports he was hoping for a future contest with Fury next year.

Fury controversially won the fight with Ngannou via split decision.
Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

But the The Gypsy King dismissed this, saying AJ was now ‘out in the cold. Frozen’.

Following Fury’s recent fight with Francis Ngannou, Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn reckons his star can knock the dad-of-seven ‘spark out’.

Hearn told IFL TV: “I'm telling you and I say it with a big chest and all my heart and now all my brain, Anthony Joshua beats Tyson Fury everyday of the week, he knocks him spark out.”

He even added: “Make the fight, AJ against Fury... You have to make the AJ fight, you cannot retire without fighting Anthony Joshua.

"But, he'll do the job for you because he'll put you into retirement, I promise you that."

Louis Theroux Interviews Series 2 is on BBC iPlayer and BBC Two from Tuesday 7 November at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: Mindhouse/BBC/Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

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