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Jake Paul responds as Conor McGregor's UFC payslips are revealed in court documents

Jake Paul responds as Conor McGregor's UFC payslips are revealed in court documents

You might be surprised how much McGregor earned in the old fights

Oh the world of boxing, celebrity boxing, YouTube boxing, and UFC drama...

it seems endless at the moment, doesn't it?

And now one of the big YouTube dogs is poking fun at one of the UFC biggies.

An ongoing lawsuit against the UFC, has made several fight purses public.

First filed by three former fighters all the way back in 2014, it was granted class-action status in August, meaning fighters who competed in the MMA promotion between December 2010 and June 2017, can sue for alleged unfair business practices.

The case is reportedly likely to head to trial in April 2024.

As part of all this, Conor McGregor's earnings for 2015/16 were made public in newly released documents.

Forbes has previously reported that the Irish professional MMA fighter and boxer made $27million (£21.8million) for his UFC 202 rematch against Nate Diaz, and his UFC 205 world title fight against Eddie Alvarez back in 2016.

Conor McGregor.
Mike Stobe/Stringer/Getty Images

However, purses from the UFC’s own filings in this lawsuit show that McGregor didn’t even get half of those whopping figures.

When he fought the rematch against Diaz, he actually took home £4.6million and then bagged £5.5million after winning over Alvarez.

Here is a breakdown of McGregor's payslip:

UFC 189: $3,285,000 (includes $2.11M discretionary bonus) vs. Chad Mendes

UFC 194: $4,476,662 or $4,536,932 vs. Jose Aldo ($2,377,699)

UFC 196: $5,576,315 vs. Nate Diaz ($2,838,158)

UFC 202: $5,615,490 vs. Nate Diaz 2 ($4,315,490)

UFC 205: $6,812,374 vs. Eddie Alvarez

So, yeah, really not as high as you may have previously thought.

And of all people, Jake Paul reacted to the released figures – including McGregor’s £2.1million for his interim featherweight title win against Chas Mendes back in 2015.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer responded to the purses by writing on X: “This is f**king hilarious and sad at the same time.”

The tweet has however since been deleted.

Paul has earned tens of millions from his boxing career, after making his debut in 2020 when he beat YouTuber AnEsonGib via TKO.

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz battle it out.
Sam Hodde / Stringer / Getty Images

Forbes report his three fights in 2021 alone paid him an estimated $40million (£32.3million).

Paul beat Diaz in a boxing match earlier this year, and despite deleting his tweet about McGregor, still took aim at him.

He wrote: "Nate Diaz made more in one boxing match than he did fighting Conor Mcgregor twice in MMA. No wonder that boy begging for a boxing rematch.

"Friday December 15th I’m back."

At the beginning of this year, Paul bragged about making $30million (£24.5million) when he lost to Tommy Fury.

It’s quite the comparison to the figures from McGregor, a professional fighter – not a YouTuber.

Paul is set to return to the ring on 15 December, except it seems he is still waiting on an opponent to be confirmed.

X users slammed Paul in the replies to his tweet, writing: "Connor lives rent free on this ballon head."

Another even put: "That's why you will never be Champion. You try to win arguments not to be the best."

And one wrote: "But he will be remembered for his MMA.....legacy will be forever. Money won't."

But others took his side, writing: "No he didn't," with laughing faces.

Featured Image Credit: Elsa via Getty Instagram/The Notorious MMA

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