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Drew Barrymore shows off 'normal' home after living room with tiny TV goes viral

Drew Barrymore shows off 'normal' home after living room with tiny TV goes viral

Fans think the Charlie's Angels star is 'just living her best life'.

A lot of people love keeping up with celebrities, if only to get a glance into their glamorous lifestyles.

But when it comes to Drew Barrymore, her life is surprisingly ordinary.

The TV host and actress went viral in January after she shared a video to Instagram which showed her watching TV in her home.

Nothing about that seems unusual - celebrities need to unwind after a day of interviewing Oprah Winfrey after all.

But fans were immediately taken aback by the size of the Never Been Kissed star's television set.

Barrymore has an eye-watering net worth of $125 million, so you might have expected a wall-to-wall screen in her living room.

Drew Barrymore's TV took fans by surprise.

But instead, it appeared that the 49-year-old had opted to go with a more modest television set upon a television stand.

The rest of the living room was decidedly low-key too.

You might have expected it to be decked out in luxurious furniture, with expensive works of art of the wall.

Instead, Barrymore's home appears quite minimalist, with bare walls and standard furniture.

The snapshot into the life of the Charlie's Angels actress drew a mixed response from fans.

Drew Barrymore shared her homebody status online.

Whilst some applauded her for not being overly extravagant, others felt she wasn't actually filming in her house.

"Why is Drew Barrymore’s TV so small and bad. What’s going on. I’m unsettled," one commenter admitted.

Another wrote: "The size of your TV and the simplicity of your home makes me love you even more."

Fast forward to March, and Barrymore is opening up more about her 'normal' home and life away from the cameras.

Responding to a viral clip of Michelle Keegan and Fearne Cotton discussing being homebodies, Barrymore shared a TikTok video agreeing with their sentiments.

The video shows the mum-of-two taking it easy in her home, relaxing in her living room and frying up some eggs in her kitchen.


While the kitchen is decorated with splashes of a regal green, her gas stove looks remarkably ordinary.

Barrymore also grants viewers a look inside her closet - which whilst certainly packing more than enough clothes, isn't quite the celebrity walk-in closet we're used to seeing in magazines.

This isn't to say that her home isn't lovely, as it definitely appears to be a cosy place.

But fans were again taken aback by how down-to-earth her living situation appeared to be.


One person commented on the TikTok: "You give off the vibes of you bought your first apartment and you are still there. So wholesome and cuteeeee."

Reiterating these feelings, another fan wrote: "I love that your house looks like a home and not just a show piece."

A fellow admirer commented: "I love that fact that she lives in a regular apartment doing normal things and just living her best life."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Drew Barrymore

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