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BBC star Evan Davis devastatingly found out his dad had taken his own life on his wedding day

BBC star Evan Davis devastatingly found out his dad had taken his own life on his wedding day

The BBC Radio 4 presenter said his dad 'was definitely ready to go'

BBC star Evan Davis has recalled the heartbreaking moment he found out about his father’s death on his wedding day.

The Dragon’s Den narrator, 61, said he was sent a text by his brother shortly after his wedding ceremony in July last year.

After reading the message, which said ‘Call ASAP’, he called his brother during the wedding reception, which is when he discovered his father had taken his own life.

Davis made a speech to the guests, where he recalled saying: “We’ve just had some news. My father’s died.”

However, he didn’t want his or his husband’s guests to be ‘alarmed’, he told The Times.

Evan Davis shared his father's suicide note.

“But I don’t want you to be alarmed. He was very elderly and it was definitely time.

“He had a wonderful, long and happy life. And he was definitely ready to go.

“There’s actually nothing we can do. So I’m going to propose that we carry on.”

The BBC Radio 4 presenter said he was ‘absolutely’ certain that he wanted his wedding guests to know that his dad had ended his own life, explaining, ‘Dad was not ashamed of it’, and nor was he.

Evan Davis married Guillaume Baltz and received the tragic news the same day.
Twitter/Guillaume Baltz

Davis also shared his father’s devastating suicide note in the interview, in which he had said: “I am not unhappy or depressed. I go because I have decided that I am now ready to go.”

A day after receiving the news, Davis returned to work where he ‘burst into tears’ when he was asked about his wedding day.

Recalling the unfortunate timing surrounding his father’s death and his wedding, Davis said: “I know he didn’t do it to spoil our day.”

Evan Davis is best known for his work on Dragon's Den.

He continued: “We are all just very proud of him. His last act was one of a very controlled, strong person. It takes a lot of will to do what he did.”

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