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Machine Gun Kelly shocks fans after revealing bold new half body tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly shocks fans after revealing bold new half body tattoo

The artist has left fans scratching their heads over his new ink

Machine Gun Kelly has got some (a lot) new ink, and has debuted it to fans who have been left slightly baffled by the move.

The musician did a big reveal of his new look in an Instagram post on Tuesday (20 February), leaving fans shocked.

Watch below to see him awkwardly being interviewed at the F1:

Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colson Baker, is known for his controversial - and sometimes outlandish - looks and outfit choices.

Currently in a relationship with Transformers star Megan Fox, the artist isn't one to shy away from headlines.

And he made them again last night, deleting all of his previous posts on Instagram, posting just one photo in their place.

The musician is known for his controversial looks.
Ason Kempin/Getty Images

In the photo, he can be seen posing, revealing his brand new tattoo, which is even more substantial than his previous ink. That's no mean feat, given just how inked the 'Bad Things' musician was anyway.

The 33-year-old posted the photo with the caption: "for spiritual purposes only. thank you 🖋️ @roxx_____".

The tattoo looks to cover most of the top half of his body, with a few gaps being left to show a few of his old tattoos beneath the new work.

Machine Gun Kelly surprised fans with some new ink work.

He also posted a few pictures on his story, asking fans 'so...what do u think'.

On top of that, the singer revealed that he's releasing a new song.

Baker revealed in another post that this tattoo required '44 needles', and that he had a 'spiritual consultation' with tattoo artist Roxx before carrying the work out.

He also explained to TMZ that he no longer liked the tattoos he had, as they didn't 'resonate' with his current mindset, labelling them 'chaotic'.

Roxx revealed that Machine Gun Kelly was 'the toughest client she's ever had' and also highlighted that the design was one of the biggest she's needed to do in a tight timeframe.

Starting their work in December 2023, she worked with him over a gruelling 13 six-hour sessions.


Fans have had a mixed reaction, to say the least, with thousands commenting below the reveal post.

One user commented: "you lyin bro take a bath and come back"

Another said: "I like your old tattoos they were like your history and so iconic"

A third put: "Proud of you for saying goodbye to those demons"

A different user made an insightful observation: "Even the n*pples? anyways… looks dope"

Featured Image Credit: Ason Kempin/Getty Images/machinegunkelly/instagram

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