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MrBeast lost millions on latest video as he shares how much money he's made on YouTube

MrBeast lost millions on latest video as he shares how much money he's made on YouTube

The YouTuber allegedly shared earnings from his latest video with those subscribed to him on Twitter.

MrBeast has apparently disclosed to his subscribers how much money he earned from his latest $3 million YouTube project.

The content creator - real name Jimmy Donaldson - is known for crazy video concepts such as; ‘1,000 Deaf People Hear For The First Time’, ‘I Paid A Real Assassin To Try To Kill Me’ and ‘Hydraulic Press vs Lamborghini’.

He's also known for being one of the most subscribed individuals on YouTube with over 166 million subscribers - meaning he's bringing in a fair bit of cash, to say the least.

However, his latest experiment, ‘Train Vs Giant Pit’, has apparently lost the 25-year-old a stack of cash.

The YouTube video itself saw MrBeast blowing up real sticks of dynamite and - as it says on the tin - driving an actual train into a massive pit.

MrBeat's latest stunt saw him crash an actual train into a giant pit.

Since it was uploaded six days ago, the 10-minute explosion has racked up 80 million views — but has apparently lost the YouTuber money after he spent $3 million on the project.

According to Twitter user, @mws, the Kansas-born personality has allegedly opened up about his earnings to those on his Twitter Subscription.

A tweet posted yesterday (13 July) reads: “MrBeast shared that he made $167,000+ on his newest YouTube Video so far (video cost was $3M)”.

“He shares insight like these on his Twitter Subscription and gave me permission to tweet it out,” the user continued.

“If you’re a Creator, you should def tap in. Raw transparency like this is cool AF.”

It turns out MrBeast didn't quite break even with his latest video.

Therefore, as of yesterday, it looks as if MrBeast had lost a total of $2,823,609 on his latest crazy experiment.

However, it seems that he doesn’t mind too much about the total video spend.

Two weeks ago, Donaldson appeared on The Colin and Samir Show and engaged in a two-hour debate that touched on fame, creativity and YouTube as a business.

The chat, titled An Unfiltered Conversation with MrBeast, featured a segment called ‘Money and Creativity’.

Speaking about throwing cash to his videos, the Greenville man stated: “I can get 100 million views on videos for less than £10,000 if I wanted to. It’s possible.”

MrBeast said it wasn't a 'bad thing' that he spends money on videos.
YouTube/The Colin and Samir Show.

The YouTuber then went on to say: “But, it’s like — what’s the point? I’m just trying to make the best videos possible.

“I don’t have an ego. I’m not trying to prove to people I don’t need to spend money. I don’t care. Spending money isn’t a bad thing.”

Doubling down, MrBeast stated that it isn’t, “A negative that I spent money on videos,” and pointed out another YouTube channel that he runs — MrBeast Gaming.

With 36 million subscribers, the 25-year-old said that he regularly gets, “70, 80 million views on videos.”

However, he stated that he gets the views with, “ no money spent, all the time. So it’s definitely possible.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/MrBeast / Colin and Samir

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