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Post Malone gives his 'biggest fan' who suffered devastating brain haemorrhage the VIP treatment

Post Malone gives his 'biggest fan' who suffered devastating brain haemorrhage the VIP treatment

While Garrett Belanger was in a coma last year, his older sister posted a TikTok to get the rapper's attention.

Post Malone has treated his 'biggest fan' to VIP tickets and a backstage meet and greet at his New York concert.

Last year, Garrett Belanger suffered a spontaneous brain haemorrhage due to a blood vessel birth defect called AVM (arteriovenous malformation) in his brain.

The 22-year-old fell into a coma for 46 days after making it through an 'unsurviveable surgery'.

While Belanger was in the coma, his older sister posted a video to TikTok, telling Malone about how her younger brother is his biggest fan.

"I took him to one of your concerts when he was 16 and he cried the whole time. He stays up for every album release until midnight and listens to the whole thing play with his eyes closed because he says it's the best way to feel what you feel," she said.

"He knows every word to every song on every album. He has watched all of your interviews. He has multiple playlists that fit different moods.

"I've never met someone that gets so passionate about their favourite musician to the point of tears.

She added: "I really can't count the amount of times I've seen him cry while he talks about the impact you've had on him.

"At the end of this video, you'll see pictures of him smiling.

"He's smiling because we play your music for him almost completely around the clock. Your music brings so much emotion out of him that he's smiling while in a coma."

The musician replied a couple of weeks later, thanking Belanger for being a fan and inviting him to come to one of his concerts when he was up to it.

"It means the f***ing world to me. I f***ing love you, man. Thank you for listening to my music," he wrote.

"Thank you for loving my music, man. Keep kicking a**. Dude, I can't wait to meet you, man.

"Whenever you're ready to rock and roll, I'm ready to rock and roll, man. Come see me at a show. I love you so much, man. I'll see you soon brother."

He also sent a box of merchandise to Belanger's house so he could wear it while he recovered.

This week, Belanger's dream of meeting his favourite musician finally came true.

"How are you dude? Hanging up? Did y'all have fun? Thank you very much!" Malone said as he greeted Belanger and his family backstage.

Belanger's sister said on TikTok: "G finally met the man himself! Post was an absolute dream, so kind and so genuine. One of the beet nights of our lives.

"G is still smiling!"

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/taylortheteacher0131

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