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Waitress stunned after receiving 'biggest tip of her life' from Post Malone

Waitress stunned after receiving 'biggest tip of her life' from Post Malone

The woman was blown away by the star's generosity

A woman who has been waiting tables for almost two decades was left stunned after Post Malone gave her ‘by far’ the biggest tip of her life.

The subject of tipping has been a bit of a contentious one in the US in recent months, with one American saying it’s gone ‘too far’ and another shopper gobsmacked after being asked for a tip at a self-service check out.

However, it seems that Post Malone - real name Austin Richard Post - doesn’t seem to mind at all, as he recently tipped a whopping $3,000 (£2,445), as well as paying a 22 percent service charge totalling $535.26 (£436.28).

Sharing a photo of the receipt on Reddit, the woman wrote: “Been serving nearly 20 years and by far the best tip I have ever received. Such a genuine and cool dude.”

The post was soon flooded with responses from impressed fans of the star, as well as others who shared that they’d also served Post Malone and similarly hefty tips.

One fan said: “He lives here in Utah where I live. He’s known in the community to be the nicest, most generous guy. Everyone loves him.”

Another said: “I was working at a place that did a pooled house. Post Malone came in with a group, and we all made rent that night. Thanks Posty!”

A third wrote: “I worked his birthday party this year and he tipped each of us servers $1000 (£815.09), for maybe five hours of work and was ridiculously sweet.”

Someone else said: “I have a friend who dealt for him at a casino and she said the exact same thing. Posty tipped her well and she said he was an absolute sweetheart the whole night.”

Rockstar singer Post Malone was praised for his generosity.
Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

This isn’t the first time the Rockstar singer has shown off his big-heart. Earlier this year, Glasgow-based Gregor Hunter Coleman says Post offered to help him out with his house deposit after meeting him in a bar.

Coleman said Post approached him after hearing him sing and told him he ‘smashed it’ before asking if he wanted a drink, which Coleman declined, explaining that he wasn’t drinking at the time as he was saving for a house.

The rapper respected Coleman's decision and instead invited him to do a set at his concert's official after-party.

"He started saying, how much will you charge? I said 'nothing, it's Post Malone, this is the chance of a lifetime'," Coleman added.

"He got talking to me and he offered to help me out with my house deposit."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/SpecialistCorgi1/Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

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