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Ricky Gervais fans have savage response after James Acaster’s take on comedy about trans people goes viral

Ricky Gervais fans have savage response after James Acaster’s take on comedy about trans people goes viral

The clips by both comedians have divided opinions.

Following the release of Ricky Gervais' Armageddon, that arrived on Netflix on Christmas Day, there's been controversy surrounding the comedian for a string of jokes he made during the stand-up special.

While The Office creator is well known for his risque and 'offensive' jokes, he has faced backlash over a joke he made about Make-A-Wish Foundation kids as part of his new Netflix special.

Following the controversy and debate surrounding Gervais' skit online, discussion soon moved onto other comedians and their own controversies - including fellow comedian James Acaster, in which a clip of him expressing his disdain with comedy acts that share below the belt jokes about the LGBTQ+ community was reposted.

During part of Acaster's Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 show, which he toured across the UK in 2018 and 2019, the comedian referred to some of his peers by saying: "They say whatever they like, edgy comedians. No one tells them what they can and can't say.

"They walk straight on stage, top of their specials sometimes do 10 solid minutes slagging off transgender people. Straight out the gate making fun of transgender people.

"If people on the internet get upset about it the comedian's always like 'bad luck, that's my job, I'm a stand-up comedian, I'm meant to challenge people, if you don't like being challenged don't watch my shows, what's the matter guys, too challenging for ya?'."

A skit from one of James Acaster's shows is recirculating again due to Ricky Gervais' recent controversy.

He followed the speech up with the sarcastic line: "You know who's been long overdue a challenge? The trans community," joking that LGBTQ+ community members have 'had their guard down for too long if you ask me' - clearly not meaning it.

However, fans of Gervais have since brutally hit back at those sharing the clip of Acaster with their own comments - some of which seem below the belt themselves.

One wrote: "I wonder if it irks James Acaster that the only time he will ever trend is when Ricky Gervais does something very, very successful."

While another added: "While James Acaster uses his routine to ridicule Ricky Gervais for making fun of 'trans' people, Ricky Gervais is selling out some of the biggest arenas in the world.

Ricky Gervais' Armageddon show dropped on Netflix on Christmas Day.
Matt Crockett/Netflix

"It's almost like grovelling for woke brownie points isn't a big seller. Ricky must be doing something right."

The divided opinions between the two comedians have sparked online debate amongst fans, with some retorting saying that Gervais fans have simply missed the point.

One said: "James Acaster pokes fun at a hugely wealthy and successful comedian. Gervais pokes fun at a group of people with an estimated 45% attempted suicide rate. Tell me again who you think is 'right'."

While another, who is a fan of both comedians wrote: "I mean, I'm a fan of both but Armageddon was terrible. I still think that Politics is the best ever stand up show.

"Well thought out, controversial. It's a shame Ricky has gone downhill."

Featured Image Credit: Vimeo/Netflix

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