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Christine McGuinness has furious rant as ex-husband Paddy quits Channel 4 show

Christine McGuinness has furious rant as ex-husband Paddy quits Channel 4 show

The pair announced their split in 2022

Christine McGuinness had a furious rant after stories about her ex-husband quitting on his latest TV show.

Currently on Channel 4, Don’t Look Down sees a whole host of celebrities battling great heights.

And yes, I do mean actual heights.

Paddy McGuinness is hosting the show, where the group of stars take on high wire training in Austria ahead of their mega challenge.

All in aid of Stand Up To Cancer, the likes of Kimberly Wyatt, Anton Ferdinand and GK Barry will attempt a world-first high wire walk, 100ft over the London Stadium.

But in an episode earlier this week (24 October), both Paddy and Beverly Callard had to leave the camp for separate reasons.

The Coronation Street star had to leave after she injured her kidney.

And the host and team leader had to abandon the Austrian training camp for family reasons.

He told the group: “Unfortunately today I’ve got to go home and I might not be back for at least a week. Co-parenting… We’ve no one at all to help us with the kids.”


He added: “With our children, they need me or Christine there or people who are in our support network. I’ll have a hell of a lot of catching up to do when I get back.

“I’m gutted because the guys will be 10 metres up in the air and it will feel like starting again but there’s just nothing I can do about it.”

And on 26 October, Christine appeared to have a furious rant against this drama.

The pair announced in a joint statement in 2022 that the couple had called it quits on their relationship after 11 years of marriage.

Christine and Paddy share three children together and remain living in the same house to co-parent them.

Paddy and Christine announced their split in July 2022.

She took to Instagram Stories to slam ‘some absolute bull**it’ she’d just read.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star didn’t mention Paddy by name but ranted:

"Just hold on a minute.... Wow. I just read some absolute b*******. I mean, I'm like, yeah.

"Speechless, mind-blown, not shocked, but I will just sit here and keep my dignified silence."

The mum-of-three added: "What a load of s***e. Do you know this Halloween I'm going to turn up as someone who's totally got their s*** together - nobody is going to know it's me.”

Christine then shared a quote reading: “Feels good to have your s**t together.

“Personally I wouldn’t know but I bet it feels good.”

The couple’s three kids all have autism and require support from their parents or from people within their network.

But remaining dedicated to the cause, Paddy had a training wire set up in his garden so he could continue to practice for the challenge.

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