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Cliff Richard picture with 'thin' Elvis discovered in his house after fat shaming scandal

Cliff Richard picture with 'thin' Elvis discovered in his house after fat shaming scandal

A photo of the picture has been shared online

It turns out Sir Cliff Richard does have a picture of him and Elvis Presely at his home, after he was hit with a backlash for claiming he declined a photo with the King of Rock and Roll due to his weight gain.

There’s quite a lot to unpack there.

So for those who missed it - 83-year-old Richard appeared on ITV’s This Morning earlier this week, where he claimed that he once turned down the opportunity to have his photo taken with Elvis but declined after noticing that the singer had ‘put on a lot of weight’.

Speaking to hosts Allison Hammond, Dermot O’Leary and Sarah Ferguson he said: “I had one chance through a journalist while I was promoting Devil Woman in the States.

“He said, ‘Oh, I know Elvis.’ He knew that I was influenced [by him].”

But rather than jump at the chance, Richard admitted he turned it down, asking the journalist: “Can we put it off?”

He went on: "He'd put on a lot of weight.

“I thought, 'if I'm taking a photograph with him, and it's going to be hanging on my refrigerator, he's got to look good’.

"I put it off, and then, of course, he died.”

Sir Cliff Richard has come under fire for comments he made on This Morning.

In response to Richard’s comments, Hammond said: "Should never have put it off just because they're a little bit heavier.”

Richard appeared to agree, adding: "If you're a fan of somebody, if you get the chance to meet them, meet them, even if they're put on weight.”

Before Hammond quipped: "Is that why you don't want me at your house?"

His comments were hit with a backlash online, with many viewers accusing him of being ‘fat-phobic’ and ‘bloody rude’, while Hammond’s quick-witted response - quite rightly - was hailed as ‘brilliant’.

Now, broadcaster and comedian Jon Holmes has shared a photo taken inside Richard’s gaff that shows he has a painting on his wall of him and Elvis - and Elvis is looking very svelte.

Turns out Cliff has got a picture of him and Elvis in his gaff.

Sharing the snap on X, formerly known as Twitter, Holmes said: “See, Cliff Richard actually *does* have a painting of him with (thin) Elvis in his house.

“A painting that he commissioned despite them never having met. I know this because we recorded a programme there some years back.”

Holmes’ post has since racked up more than 2,000 likes as well as plenty of comments, with one person joking: “No wonder he didn't want to stick it on his refrigerator. It's bloody massive.”

And a second commenting: “He should decommission it.” Ouch.

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Twitter / @jonholmes1

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