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Newspaper edits out bum of Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina from pic

Newspaper edits out bum of Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina from pic

The model's derrière was digitally erased before it was printed in the Hamshahri newspaper.

We're used to seeing a bit of retouching and airbrushing of celebrities on glossy magazine covers, but editing out someone's curves is a new one.

But it's apparently what the picture desk at a major national Iranian Persian-language newspaper are into, as they've completely erased Cristiano Ronaldo's longtime partner Georgina Rodriguez's bum.

The stunning model's backside got edited into oblivion before it graced the pages of the Hamshahri newspaper, which prints around 400,000 copies each day.

You'd be forgiven for thinking it was a risqué bikini picture for all that fuss, but it was actually a cute family snap that Ronaldo shared on social media following his birthday on 5 February.

The legendary football player uploaded a couple of images to Instagram which showed him embracing his loved ones as they celebrated his 39th trip around the sun with cake and candles.

He grinned while clutching his youngest Bella alongside three of his other children and Georgina.

Ronaldo shared the sweet family snap after celebrating his 39th birthday.

Ronaldo's partner was wearing a figure-hugging black dress in the picture with her hair tied back in a slick bun.

He captioned the post: "Grateful to spend my 39th birthday the best way possible: with my family and back on the training pitch. Thank you all for the warm messages."

But the image looked very different when it appeared in the Hamshahri newspaper - as Georgina's bum was digitally expunged before it was printed.

And they didn't even do a good job of it either, as they took her derrière and replaced it with a pancake arse, which also gave the illusion she had bad posture.

Basically, they really did her dirty.

It was a Photoshop fail to say the least.

Online speculation suggests that the obvious editing had something to do with the hardline laws about how women dress in countries such as Saudi Arabia - where the family moved last year.

Much like Iran and many Muslim nations, women are required to wear veils and loose-fitting clothing which covers everything except their hands and face.

Ronaldo and his family moved to Saudi after he signed for Al Nassr and authorities were already reportedly 'turning a blind eye' to the fact he and Georgina were living together despite being unmarried.

The warped picture of his partner has been circulating online and has shocked people who saw the original image.

British-Iranian actor Omid Djalili said of the Hamshahri newspaper: "Displaying such little respect for women by publicly disfiguring them says so much."

A source told The Sun: "Georgina will be very upset. She works hard for her body and is very proud of her curves.

"It just shows the view of women in some parts of the world is twisted. It’s only a bottom."

LADbible has contacted the Hamshahri newspaper for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/cristiano

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