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DJ Khaled becomes best mates with topless British geezer Tony on holiday in Barbados

DJ Khaled becomes best mates with topless British geezer Tony on holiday in Barbados

The pair even bonded over their star signs.

Whether it's lounging by the pool, getting on the beers at 10am or hiking up a mountain in the 30 degree heat, everyone has different interests on holiday.

And when you meet someone who is on the exact same vibe, you simply have to tell them.

Which is exactly what DJ Khaled did when he met British tourist Tony in Barbados this week.

You can watch the iconic moment below:

The world famous record producer, 48, has been holidaying with his family on the island - and by the looks of it, he's loving every minute of his getaway.

As he touched down at the start of the week, he told followers: "I can’t wait to eat the best food, drink the best rum punch, drink the best coconut Wata and embrace the love from all the beautiful people.

"I wanna breathe the air @badgalriri breathes."

We love the energy.

Khaled has since been uploading heaps of photos and videos of his trip, where he can be seen playing golf, hanging out with his kids, eating delicious food and strolling on the beach.

DJ Khaled bonded with Tony.

And it looks like Khaled has been making friends, too, after he banged into Brit Tony who was chilling topless on a bench at the Wildlife Reserve this week.

Not only did the pair bond over their love of kicking back with no shirt on, but they also had a quick chat about their star signs (Tony is a Taurus meanwhile Khaled is a Sagittarius, FYI).

In a video, Tony looks the epitome of chilled out as he's seen leaning back on a bench topless.

Khaled approaches him, asking his name and explaining he's on the same vibe.

“So look, I just met this guy right here, this is my style right here,” says Khaled, immediately pulling his own top off to join his pal.

"Hold on, this is my style right here. We're at the Wildlife Reserve in Barbados, I'm just walking by Tony and Tony just swagged out like this with no shirt on, just getting a suntan. I love it.

"You're swagging like me, it's unbelievable right?"

The pair were chilling on a bench.

People were loving the unlikely friendship, with one follower commenting: "I love that vibe."

And another adding: "TEAM SAGITTARIUS."

Though some took issue with Khaled interrupting Tony's day, saying: "Tony was just minding his business."

We hope DJ Khaled and Tony manage to stay in touch.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@djkhaled

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