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Fans defend Eminem's daughter Hailie after she's slammed for not showing dad in her photos

Fans defend Eminem's daughter Hailie after she's slammed for not showing dad in her photos

The rapper has regularly spoke and rapped about his daughter

Fans are defending Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade after she was trolled in the comments of her latest Instagram post.

‘The Real Slim Shady’ rapper shares the 28-year-old with his ex-wife Kim Scott.

The influencer is known to have been a muse for her hip hop dad, who has rapped about her in his music multiple times.

While Eminem is known to a be a pretty beloved dad to his daughter, some trolls have slammed her for the lack of his presence on her social media.

Hailie has became a bit of a star in her own right, hosting the popular Just A Little Shady podcast since the summer of 2022.

The first episode was about growing up as the daughter of a rap icon, but she discusses all sorts of her life and pop culture in the series.

Fans will know Eminem is a hardcore fan of his hometown NFL team, the Detroit Lions, who suffered a tough loss during Sunday’s NFC Championship game.

Eminem is a big supporter of the Lions.
Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

After the game, the ‘Without Me’ rapper took to X to say: “So proud of the @lions. Thanks 4 an amazing season!!!! We'll b back!!!"

And being a fan of the team runs in the family it seems, as Hailie also shared a post to Instagram celebrating the Lions.

She shared various snaps with the caption: “Until next season,” wearing merch for the Detroit team at the stadium with friends.

But with fans knowing her dad was also at the game, there seems to be some confusion as to why he doesn’t feature in her post.

Some accused her for not showing her as they slammed: “Stop hiding your old man,” and said: “She’s been at the lions games these past days but never with her pops? Sh**’s crazy.”

But fans were quick to defend her as they simply wrote back in the comments: “Y’all need to get a life and leave Hailie alone.”

Hailie shared snaps supporting the Lions.

Another put: “Just because she doesn't post photos with him doesn't mean she isn't with him. She doesn't have to display him on her Instagram.”

And while some accused her of ‘acting like her father isn’t the reason for everything she had’, many pointed out: “It’s what fathers do mate provide for their kids.. don’t be jealous be better buddy. She was literally sat next to him the other game at the Ford Field, they were shown on the big screen.”

Others also praised both Eminem and Hailie as they said: “A man that has his daughter by his side is so very commendable.

"I love him. I love her now too that I've been watching her podcast and tutorials. Also not to take away their spotlight is wonderful. Hats off to you, Em.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@hailiejade / Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

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